Support LGBT Rights On The Opening Day of The Olympics!

Please support LGBT rights and communities in Russia and worldwide today!

I love sport and I love the Olympics but I detest the way LGBT people are been treated over in Russia right now. And today on the day of the start of the Olympics I am taking my own stand on here with this blog, on my Twitter and on my Facebook. We all deserve to be treated equally and to not live in fear. Please if you get the time, like this blog in solidarity with the LGBT people in Russia and around the world or go to my twitter: and RT the message about solidarity with LGBT communities worldwide or alternatively place #solidaritywithlgbtcommunitiesworldwide in a tweet with your own words of support for LGBT people. Another option is to go to my Facebook at and share the pic I have posted of the rainbow flag or post a pic of a rainbow flag yourself in support. The idea is to get the topic trending on Twitter and to create a Twitter trending of people in support of LGBT people on the first night of the Olympics while on Facebook it is the same idea but to get a virtual group of flags flying in support. It’s good to get the chance to be able to help and show my support in a small way and I hope that you will all join me. Remember every drop in the ocean leads to a complete ocean. Please help if you can.





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