Over 2,000 People Line The Streets In Support of Rory O’ Neill!

Over 2,000 people supported Rory O' Neill on Sunday!

Over 2,000 people supported Rory O’ Neill on Sunday!

Rory O' Neill as Panti!

Rory O’ Neill as Panti!

On Sunday I was in Dublin at the with my sister Sharon. We arrived in a bit late which isn’t surprising considering I’m late for everything! (Ask anyone from my college or even going back to earlier education!) We were there for the LBGT Noise group protest. The protest was sparked after a reference to homophobia on RTE’s Saturday Night Show in which Rory O’ Neill described various people who present clearly homophobia comments to the world as “homophobes”. After this an apology was issued by RTE to John Waters for O’ Neill’s comments and the Iona Institute was paid compensation. The protest was in support of O’ Neill.

It was amazing to be there. Seeing so many people (there was a great turnout) there in solitary for good and equality was fantastic and to be a very small part of that was amazing and humbling and I felt very privileged to have been there. There was over 2,000 people and after seeing the unfair silencing of O’ Neill, seeing this many people in support was incredibly heartening. When the rainbow flag was raised up that was a really beautiful moment.

I’m glad the protest was such a success and that the sun kept shining because the night before there was terrible weather. Just goes to show that when people are coming together to try to make this world a better place that God will keep the sun shining for us all and ensure that there is no hindrance to progress.


One comment on “Over 2,000 People Line The Streets In Support of Rory O’ Neill!

  1. I hadn’t heard about this but its pretty awful that RTE would apologize. Great to see so many people supporting LGBT folks

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