My New Crush Marlon Teixeira Stars With Luma Grothe For DSQUARED2!

Marlon Teixeira is roasting hot in the new DSQUARED campaign!

Sexily looking to one side is no obstacle!

Relaxing he even looks fit!

A close-up shot. Sure why not?!


Working a pair of shades!

Though the heels are stunning, they would probably ensure a visit for me to the A & E but the best of the outfit, love it!

I can’t even, I am unable to even … Yes I suppose I am having a Tyler Oakley moment! But cut me some slack I have just discovered Marlon Texeira!

If I’m honest and I shouldn’t really say this as a fashion student what first drew me to the new Spring Summer 2014 collection by the amazing DQUARED2 was the incredibly attractive male model Texeira. But the clothes are pretty fab too!

It is a rainforest-themed photo shoot which is shot by Mert and Marcus who are two of my favourite photographers. They produce quirky and risque shoots and never play it safe and I like that.

Texeira starred with female model Luma Grothe in the shoot. Can’t I go back in time and just be her for that day?! Please. Pretty please. 

It’s a very sexy campaign in which Texeira is photographed in numerous sexy poses including one where he is displaying his very fine, sexually teasing bottom! 🙂 But it’s art darlings, it’s art! 🙂

The clothes are beautiful too though as always from this label and I can see that when that absolute babe Marlon Texeira is not been all distracting! 🙂

Of course I looked him up after seeing the shoot (I know that sounds all wrong but you know what I mean! :-)) on Google. Here is a brief synopsis of who he is but make sure to look him up (On Google I mean. What did you all think I meant? :-)), you won’t regret it. 

Brief Synopsis of Marlon Texeira:

He was born on the 16th of September 1991 (Oh I know it’s only a year but why am I older than everyone lately? I used to be younger than everyone! Sniff! :-() and he is Brazilian (Always loved Brazilian men! Oh yes! :-)) but is of Portuguese, Japanese and Amerindian descent (Even better!) and is from Santa Catarina. As well as DSQUARED he has walked for many top fashion labels including Dolce & Gabban, Dior Homme and  Emporio Armani. He also walked for Chanel when he appeared on Karl Lagerfeld’s runway at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 as the only man with 89 women. He is a skater and also likes surfing, learning new things, traveling, going to the beach, watching movies and drinking kiwi juice in his spare time. 

You can see more news about him on his Facebook and Twitter pages below: 

Enjoy! 🙂


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