Rory O’ Neill: Inspirational!

Rory O' Neill aka Panti

Rory O’ Neill aka Panti

Recently, Rory O’Neill aka Panti appeared on The Brendan O’ Connor Show over here in Ireland on RTE and basically just said what all normal people think. O’ Neill said on the programme,

‘The only place that you see it’s okay to be really horrible and mean about gays is you know on the internet in the comments and you know people who make a living writing opinion pieces for newspapers. You know there’s a couple of them that really cheese…’

Presenter O’Connor asked O’Neill to name the people he meant and O’Neill answered:

‘Oh well the obvious ones. You know Breda O’Brien today, oh my God you know banging on about gay priests and all. The usual suspects, the John Waters and all of those people, the Iona Institute crowd. I mean I just…you know just… Fe-k off! Get the hell out of my life. Get out of my life…’

None of us are fooled by the way numerous people shroud their negativity with “It’s a political viewpoint” or “Oh it’s for the best of society” and my admiration for O’ Neill soared after that programme.

A terrible thing about things is that there was an apology from RTE after that via presenter Brendan O’ Connor for O’ Neill’s comments in which O’ Connor said,

“Now, on the Saturday night show two weeks ago comments were made by a guest suggesting the journalist and broadcaster John Waters, Breda O’Brien and some members of the Iona institute are homophobic. These are not the views of RTÉ and we would like to apologise for any upset or distress caused to the individuals named or identified. It is an important part of democratic debate that people must be able to hold dissenting views on controversial issues.”

Following this an undisclosed sum was paid to the Iona Institute in compensation by RTE.

The word ‘homophobia’ means an irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against gay people. It means anyone who treats gay people in any way to how they would treat their straight counterparts so what else it but homophobia? O’ Neill is dead right in what he said.

So what was it? All these peoples’ feelings were hurt and offended by O’ Neill’s comments. Oh please spare me! Do these people worry on a regular basis whose feelings they might be hurting and who their offending? I somehow doubt it. An apology for people who regularly spread negativity? What exactly is the world coming to?

These are not simply political opinions. They are political opinions but they are opinions which are trying to stop happiness for gay people and that is very wrong on a human level. They are straight people saying these things and as a straight person I am ashamed of my life of them. I wouldn’t like it done on me the other way around and I somehow think that the people spreading this negativity wouldn’t like it done on them either if things were the opposite way around.

You look around at people, gay, straight and bisexual, in the world and you see so many amazing people who bring joy, positivity and all manner of wonderfulness to the world in everyone’s individual way and you think why are people been so negative about people because of their sexuality. It is ridiculous. We should be valuing diversity and valuing people.

I am completely in support of Rory O’ Neill. What he said was liberating to hear and I wish him all the best in the future.

This Sunday, February 2nd at 2pm on King’s Street, Dublin 2 which is near the Gaiety there will be a protest in support of Rory O’Neill.


2 comments on “Rory O’ Neill: Inspirational!

  1. raf says:

    Your commentary managed to edit out the very words that made his comments libelous – he called them homophobes. Why would any journalistic piece of writing leave the centre of the story out!

    • lisarey1990 says:

      Because it is in a legal thing at the moment so I was trying to be careful how I reported it. When that’s finished maybe I can report it better. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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