Cloud Atlas Film Review!

Cloud Atlas is fabulous!

Ben Whishaw and James D’Arcy play Robert Frobisher and Rufus Sixsmith to perfection!

I recently watched the film version of Cloud Atlas and I can say that it really is an experience and a half! I personally found it to be a good experience though it is a film that is definitely marmite. You will either love it or hate it and I personally fall into the category of loving it. There is six stories been followed in it and with all the various storylines and genres incorporated into the film you will certainly like certain stories better than others depending on what type of films you like.

My favourite character is Rufus Sixsmith played by James D’ Arcy but I also love Robert Frobisher played by Ben Whishaw. The pair play a beautiful couple in the 1930s with D’Arcy also playing the older Sixsmith. They play their love and their passion for each other to perfection as well as injecting a playfulness to their romance. The chemistry is so natural between them. I find their romance beautiful but the ending to their relationship without giving the story away is so sad. Incredibly powerfully acted but massively sad. Their story is really interesting and definitely my favourite of all the stories.

But I also find the Luisa Rey story which the older Sixsmith is in great too. Luisa is played brilliantly by Halle Berry as she goes looking for the truth as a journalist. Her source is Sixsmith. I won’t give away the story but it has sadness in it and Hugh Grant and Hugo Weaving play baddies while Keith David and Tom Hanks play nice people and Doona Bae plays a woman whose building they run into who owns the sweetest little dog and Ben Whishaw also stars as the guy in the record store.

The comedy element is provided by the Timothy Cavendish storyline. Cavendish is played by Jim Broadbent and is sent to a home by his brother Denholme Cavendish played by Hugh Grant in revenge for him going with his wife Georgette played by Ben Whishaw. It’s so funny watching Timothy try to escape from the home and then try to escape with his new friends in the home. Mr. Meeks cracks me up!

Jim Sturgess plays Adam Ewing in the Adam Ewing story. Well naturally I suppose he would! 🙂 This story is really a story which utilizes the combined talents of Sturgess, David Gyasi and Tom Hanks and together the three play the story to perfection. Sturgess also plays the love interest of Sonmi-451 in the Sonmi-451 story. Their romance is sweet and not giving away the ending again but it’s sad.

While Tom Hanks and Halle Berry play Meronym and Zachry. Meronym is a Prescient female who comes to live with Zachry and his family on the “Big I” for a year so that she can learn more about their society. The stories are told to the kids by an old man played by Tom Hanks though I’m still trying to figure out whether he and Halle Berry who is playing his lifelong love are Meronym and Zachry. That’s how the story begins and ends which isn’t really giving away anything so yeah that’s what’s happening.

I’m not certain I understood the film but I liked it. I think it was about reincarnation but I could be wrong. But in a way you don’t need to understand it because you get to like the characters and want to see them do well and be alright and happy and that gets you invested in the story. Written by David Mitchell and written for the screen and directed by Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski, there is a bit of everything in the film through the mixture of genres. Between the six stories there is romance, aristocratic, action, drama, sci-fi, comedy, futuristic and mystery. Mentions must go to the production designers on the project Hugh Bateup and Uli Hanisch who did all the various locations to perfection which from watching the movie was clearly a massive job. And to the hair, costume and make-up department on the film. They did an amazing job of changing the actors and actresses into the different characters which with so many characters in the movie must have took so much work. Kudos especially for their work on transforming Ben Whishaw into Georgette because I’m a major Ben Whishaw fan and only for I read in advance who he was playing I wouldn’t have known him!

I really enjoyed it and it is now one of my favourite films. It was amazing how all the actors and actresses changed from one character to another. It truly did show off how remarkably talented they are to be able to transform from one character to the next in one film and the crew did amazing with the logistics which must have been crazy.









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