Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 3!

This is the next part of my fanfic “I Wish I Was You”. Enjoy! 🙂 :



Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Jaymi let himself into his house. Josh stood outside.

“Enjoy yourself!”, Josh smiled.

“Shut-up Josh!”, Jaymi smiled shyly and closed the door.

He now manoeuved his way along the living-room to the bedroom careful not to bang into the coffee table or various other objects. He let himself into the bedroom and crawled into the bed beside Olly.

“Wake up Olly babe.”

Olly stirs awake.

“You took your time. I thought I was the big man giving you the ultimatum  …”

Jaymi laughs and kisses him hard on the lips.

“I know you did!”

“I’m sorry. I got angry. I would never leave you.”

“It’s Ok. I have been a bit of a phat lately.”

“You haven’t been that bad. You ain’t that bad.”

“Oh I can be though.”, Jaymi said and pulled Olly under the covers.

Josh waited outside. An old man came along who was a neighbour of Jaymi’s and Olly’s.

“Have you lost your key son?”, the old man asked.

“No. No, just …”

“Having another row with the boyfriend?”, the old man smiled.

“Yeah, yeah and it’s getting cold out here. I wish he’d hurry up!”, Josh laughed and hoped he was convincing.

The old man smiled and went into his own house.

Josh breathed a sigh of relief.

Jaymi held Olly close after they had made love and ran his fingers through his hair gently.

“Oh Jaymi that feels good.”

“In what way? Like in an arousing way?”

“Maybe.”, Olly giggled.

Jaymi ran his fingers down Olly’s torso causing Olly to moan lightly.

“Do you want to go again?”

Jaymi ran his fingers up Olly’s torso.

“Yes …”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you. You’ll have to say that again.”, Jaymi teased running his fingers back down Olly’s torso.

“Oh stop Jaymi, just please.”

“Defo not the big man, are you?”, Jaymi said and started kissing his neck.

“No. Not where you are concerned.”, Olly said breathlessly.

“You want me now?”

“Jaymi, I want you now.”

“Then your wish is my command gorgeous.”

Josh lit up a cigarette. A woman came along. She is another neighbour of Jaymi’s and Olly’s.

“Did you get locked out?”

“No. No. I … He stole my key. We’re having a bit of a row.”

“Oh …”

Josh finds the woman attractive and finds himself looking at her bottom.

“Jaymi, are you looking at my …”, she begins confused then trails off.

“Yes. Yes I was looking at your bottom. I hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t help it.”

“I don’t mind. It’s just that I always thought you were, well, gay.”

“To be honest that’s what me and Olly are arguing about. The truth is that I’m bi and he didn’t know and now well he’s kicked me out and I guess I’m just trying to get him to hear me out. I think if I stay at the door he’ll eventually let me in.”

“You are so sensitive.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“There’s not many men out there like you nowadays. Say Jaymi, would you like to come into mine for a coffee?”

Josh did an inner smile. Plan successful.

“Thanks. After the day I’ve had, that kindness is very much appreciated.”

They went into her house.

Jaymi got out of the bed quietly leaving Olly sleeping. He hated leaving him but he knew he had to. Until he got this sorted, he knew he had to go. So he quietly got dressed and crept back out of the house. When he got outside he was surprised to find that Josh was not there. He took his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and rang him. No answer. He tried again. No answer.

Josh lay in bed with the woman after having sex.

“I hope that you don’t feel like I’ve taken advantage of you when you’re at a low ebb. It’s just that tonight you were so charming and …”

“Sweetheart you didn’t take advantage of me. I was totally and utterly willing. You like me for me. Olly clearly never did. But we’ve been together so long and …”

“I know …”

“I hope you don’t feel like I’ve used you.”

“No Jaymi, I knew what I was doing. Not that I do this this very often.”

“No, I never thought you did. You are far too much of a classy lady for that.”

“But it was good. I don’t regret it.”

“No. Neither do I. I best be getting off. See if I can get into my home.”

“If not, you can come back if you want.”

“Thanks. I will.”

Josh got dressed, kissed the woman and gave her a final smile before leaving. Jaymi is outside his house.

“Where the hell were you?!”, Jaymi asked angrily.

“Where the hell was I?! Where the hell were you?! You spent ages in there!”

“Olly got a bit …”

“Actually I don’t want to know.”

“Well I do want to know where you got to!”

“You know that lady that lives two doors down on the left, long black hair, brown eyes …”

“Is that her name? I didn’t ask because obviously I was you and I was supposed to know who she was …”

“What about Gywn?”

“Well … we just had coffee. She felt sorry for me in the cold weather.”

“Gywn’s like that. She’s very considerate.”

Josh held in a laugh while thinking yes, very considerate indeed!

“Well you best go in and pretend your me. I best um, get back to the cat.”

“How is Oreo?”

“Fine. Me and Jordan’ll make sure he’s Ok.”, Jaymi smiles.

“Cool. Thanks mate. You just, you hope you won’t miss anything, like his newest miaow.”

“He miaowed earlier.”

“Aw. It’s horrible to miss these things. Where’s your Belle and your housemate Sian?”

“Belle’s at the vet’s. Sian’s on holidays.”

“Is Belle alright?”

“She’s been a little poorly lately. They took her in for observation.”

“Why didn’t you say? You must be worried about her.”

“I didn’t want to alarm anyone and besides the vet said she’d be Ok. It’s just they want to be sure and we miss like crazy of course but she’s going to be alright and that’s the main thing.”

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear that she will be Ok.”

“Thanks. Well I’ll let you. You best get in before he wakes.”

“Jaymi, nothing is going to happen between. I can promise you that now.”

“I know that. You’re straight.”

“Even so, I know it’s a little bit disconcerting for you to see another man under the same roof, in the same bed with him. It’s totally understanding and I just want to assure you that I am going to be totally honourable here.”

“That’s Ok. I’d be more worried if you were gay.”

“So would I! He’s not exactly unattractive!”

“I know that! I’ll see you soon.”

“Talk to you soon mate.”, Josh said and went inside.

Jaymi looked back at the house sadly once more wishing that he was cosed up in bed holding Olly in his arms before walking off.

Jaymi crept into Josh’s house. Jordan switched on the light stopping him in his tracks.

“So spill …”


“Where have you been? Did you get lucky?”

“Yeah. Met a girl in a night club, went back to hers for a house party, ended up having sex. Totally knackered me.”

“Oh you dirty dog! Get in there! So what was her name?”

“I didn’t ask. That wasn’t exactly what was on my mind!”

“Of course not!”, Jordan laughed.

“I don’t want to lead anywhere. It was a bit of fun. Easy come, easy go.”

“Why not?”

“Why not indeed?!”

“Well I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow. There’s some beers in the fridge if you want any.”

“Thanks Jordan. Night.”

“Night Josh.”

Jordan went off to bed and Jaymi breathed a sigh of relief. He sat down on the sofa and thought of Olly.

The next morning Jaymi went out to the kitchen to have some breakfast. He wiped sleep from his eyes and opened the fridge. He heard Jordan’s door click open and then Jordan came out in his boxers.

“Hey man, do you maybe want to put on some trousers?”, Jaymi said frantically forgetting why he had opened the fridge.

“No, you know me, I like to be free. Free as a bird.”

“Yeah.”, Jaymi replies finding his eyes going downwards.

“Josh, are you looking at …”

“No! I was looking at that carpet. I think we need to change it.”

“Good because I’m all for gay rights and if you’re gay man, that’s cool by me but me and you man that’s never going to happen.”

“I’m not gay Jordan.”

“Ok. Well that’s cool also. So is there any of those Cheerios left? If not, I suppose I’ll have to settle for a Frosties.”

“Yeah. I guess.”, Jaymi laughed nervously.

Josh was up early too. He was laying out breakfast for Olly and himself in an effort to win Jaymi some brownie points that he had clearly lost him and to try and sweeten Jaymi if he found out that he had slept with his female neighbour as him and therefore calling his sexuality into question. Olly’s and Jaymi’s bedroom door creaked opened and Olly emerged in his nightcoat.

“Oh something smells nice.”, Olly smiled.

“Well you know, I wanted to do something special for you.”

“Aw babe. This is so sweet.”

Olly gave Josh a hug.

“Sit down babe. Tuck in.”

The two of them sat down.

“I love you Jaymi.”

“I love you too Olly.”

“You know we have got to do something! What am I going to keep doing?! Creep in late into the night every time I want to have sex with my boyfriend?!”, Jaymi said as he and Josh sat in a cafe having their meal.

“He’ll catch on to that after a while I’d say.”

“I know. And what if we get caught. He’ll think I’m you and he’ll kill me. At least I hope that’s what he’d want to do!”

Josh laughs.

“Don’t be too hard on him if it isn’t! I am pretty much irresistable.”

“Shut-up Josh!”, Jaymi laughs.

JJ and George come in and join them.

“So Josh you coming over to watch American Horror Story and eat doughballs tonight?”, George asks.

“What?”, Jaymi replies.

“To watch American Horror Story and eat doughballs?”

“Um, yeah, yeah of course.”

Josh looked sad.

“Although I have a lot on tonight. Maybe you and Jaymi could you know chill out together.”

“A lot on?”,George asks with a smile,

“Who is she?”, he adds.

“Oh, her name’s …”

Jaymi looks at the name tag on the waitress going by. Lorna.


“Is she fit?”

“Oh yeah. Totally fit.”

“Well why didn’t you say? Enjoy yourself!”

“Oh I plan on doing so!”

“So Jaymi, JJ what about you two?”

“We’re having a bit of family time tonight. Maybe another night George but thanks for asking.”, JJ says.

“Yeah I’ll be there.”, Josh says.

“Really?”, George asks in shock.

“Yeah really. We’ll have a great laugh!”

“Oh cool. I just thought that maybe you well, might have plans with Olly.”

“No, we had breakfast so …”

“So you’re not going to have lunch together?”, George laughed.

“Something like that.”, Josh smiled.

Jaymi rolled his eyes.

Josh and JJ went up to pay for the meal leaving Jaymi and George sitting together.

“Jaymi’s acting strange, isn’t he?”, George said.

“Do you always talk behind his back?”

“I always talk behind everyone’s back. You know that. Doesn’t everyone?”

“I suppose.”, Jaymi conceeded.

“But don’t you think he is?”

“In what way?”

“Well just going out. He doesn’t go out much. He’s usually going home to Olly rubbing in our faces that he has someone.”

Jaymi suddenly feels hurt but he knows he has to keep in how he’s feeling.

“I don’t think that’s what he does be doing.”

“You’ve changed your tune.”

“What?”, Jaymi asks in shock.

“Now you’re acting weird as well. You said it too. Remember, you said rubbing it in our faces, acting like he has life all sorted out and making the rest of us feel deliberately small.”

Jaymi can feel tear prick the backs of his eyes. Must not cry, must not cry, he thinks.

“Maybe he has his reasons.”

“Wow, you are considerate today.”

“Maybe you should learn it George!”, Jaymi says and storms out.

JJ has went to the bathroom. Josh come back to the table.

“What’s wrong with him?”, Josh asks.

“I don’t know.”, George says and looks at the table.

“I’ll go after him. Talk to you soon George.”

“Talk to you soon Jaymi.”

“Jaymi, what the hell is going on?!”, Josh shouted as he tried to keep up with Jaymi who was walking quickly and showed no signs of stopping.

“You tell me Josh!”

Josh caught up with Jaymi and caught his arm.

“Hold up, would you?! Jaymi, have I done something to upset you?!”

“No. In fact it’s me. I rub in everyone’s faces that I have someone and try to make them feel small!”

“Jaymi, I just mean that you act all proper. Foccused. You don’t really have to go home almost every night, do you? But you make sure we all know you have a boyfriend and that you have a life outside the band.”

“I cheated on him once. It was just a one-night thing and we weren’t even dating that long but that’s not an excuse but he found out about it. And I’m scared stiff that it’ll happen again and that I’ll lose and if I had a few drinks too many surrounded by hot men in a night club or something I don’t know what would happen. Anything could. So forgive me if I’m not Mr. Party Animal but I have a lot more on my mind and a lot more to lose than you or your little pal George for that matter.”

“We didn’t know. How could we? You never told us.”

“No but you two assumed the worse anyway!”

“Jaymi, I’m sorry. Ok? I didn’t know. I just thought you were been a big-headed phat. It gets lonely been single sometimes you know. I guess I wanted to meet somebody and have what you two have. And indirectly you going on about how cosy your life was with Olly made me feel even worse.”

“It’s Ok. It isn’t the fairytale you think after all.”

“Oh it is. You made one mistake. That doesn’t change anything. You love that man to death and he loves you. Most of us would cut off our left arm for something half as good as that.”

“I’m sorry too.”

“For what?”

“It wasn’t intentional but if I made you feel upset then I’m truly sorry for that. I would never want to do that.”

“It’s alright mate.”, Josh says and the two hug each other.

The tears Jaymi has been holding back now fall from his eyes.

“Oh don’t cry. Now I feel terrible.”

“Don’t. I let it get to me a bit.”

“You got hurt. That’s what happened.”

“Yeah but I’m fine now so don’t worry about it.”

Jaymi arrived back to Josh’s house. He scanned the DVDs. The bloody Notebook, he thought. Spare me! Nothing of interest, he sat on the sofa and Oreo hopped up beside him.

“Hey sweetheart, are you going to scatch me today with those nasty claws of yours?”
Oreo got up on his lap and curled up.

“Oh you’re not a bad cat after all, are you?”, Jaymi smiled.

He began to pet Oreo.

Josh arrived at George’s house later that night.

“Hey.”, he said when George opened the door.

“Oh hey Jaymi. Come on in.”

George let Josh in and closed the door.

“So I have the doughballs in the kitchen.”


They went into the kitchen.

“Where episode will we start with? Or do you know it?”

Josh decided he better suddenly display an interest in a TV show that Jaymi had never shown an interest in before.

“Well I don’t really but it’s Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk so …”

“It’s very different to Glee though. I should warn you of that.”, George smiled.

“I had gathered that much.”, Josh smiled.

“We’ll put it on from the first episode so. Their inhabitants in an institution for the criminally insane.”, George informed him.

“Thanks for getting me up to speed.”

“No problem. Let’s get this show on the road so.”, George replied and they carried the doughballs into the living-room to start watching the show.

After George had switched on the DVD, he turned to Josh.

“You know Jaymi, I might have had you a little wrong.”


“Yeah I mean I kind of had you down as a bit of a know-all. Bit of those type that think their perfect.”


“But I love you to bits too and I did even when I thought that. But I was wrong and I’m sorry. I guess you and Olly just love each other so much you both want to be together a lot but sometimes it just seemed like you felt you were too big to hang out with us outside of work or something.”

Josh stays quiet. He is in two minds whether to tell George about why Jaymi is fightened to go out with them much. On one side he knows that even though Jaymi didn’t say it in so many words that he told him in confidence but on the other side George is completely in the dark about it. George misintreprets his silence as that he has upset him.

“Jaymi, I think you are a great guy and a great friend. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just wanted to clear the air …”

“George stop. The reason why I don’t go out with you guys as much is that I … I cheated on Olly once.”

“What?!”, George asks in shock.

“Yeah …”

“You two having problems?!”

“Yeah …”

“I thought you two were like this perfect couple who never had like any problems! Now I feel so much better about myself … I mean …”

“It’s Ok, I know what you mean.”

“What happened or am I been nosy?”

“We weren’t too long dating and it was one-night thing.”

“Did he find out?”


“Oh my god. Did you two break up for a bit or anything like that?”

“No. But I’m worried that if I got too drunk I’d do it again on him and I don’t want to lose him.”

“Of course not. That puts a whole new perspective on things.”

Jaymi is standing outside his house unsure whether to knock on the door or not. I could be coming around to see Jaymi, he thinks. Olly would put a cup of tea on for Josh. They could chat. It wasn’t like he and Josh didn’t chat. And besides he couldn’t stay in withj a cat all night! He knocked at the door. No answer. He knocked again. No answer again. He can feel keys in his trouser pocket. Two sets. He realises that he must have took up his own house keys by mistake as well. No one must be home, he thought and took his key from his trouser pocket and let himself in.

“Home sweet home!”, he said with a sigh and locked the door before going into the bedroom.

Maybe I could borrow/steal temporarily one of Olly’s shirts, he thought. Then I’d feel closer to him. He opened the press and smiled at the fact that his and Olly’s clothes were all mixed up together. One of the little things that he hadn’t paid any heed to before. He pulled out one of Olly’s white shirts. He had quite a few of them. He probably wouldn’t miss it, thought Jaymi catching a whiff of his scent from the shirt. He missed him so bad that the scent was overpowering. So overpowering that he found himself lying back on their bed and placing the shirt to his nose, inhaling Olly’s scent completely. He pulled the shirt away to allow himself to breathe then placed it back against his nose again. It was consuming him, taking him over completely. He felt so many feelings just oozing out of that scent. Comfort, safety, love, passion, happiness. He pulled the shirt away again to allow himself to breathe before placing it back over his nose again. Inhaling again everything that was Olly. The familiar scent of Olly. The scent that he loved above any other scent in this whole world. As he released his nose from the shirt again he noticed Olly standing in the doorway in shock, his mouth open. His first thought was this is a bit embarrassing, he’ll be ragging now to no end but then he remembered. He looked like Josh.

“Olly …”, he began sitting up and throwing the shirt to one side.

“What the hell are you doing?!”, Olly shouted.

“Let me explain …”, he began but he didn’t know what he was going to say next.

It didn’t matter because Olly was in no humour to hear it anyway.

“You let yourself into my home when no one’s here and you are on our bed, mine and Jaymi’s bed, sniffing my shirt!”

“I admit it looks creepy …”

“Creepy?! It looks really creepy!”

“You’re not going to tell Jaymi, are you?”

What he really means is you’re not going to tell Josh I made him look like a tresspassing creep?

“No! Of course I’m not! I’m not bloody crazy Josh!”

“I’m sorry …”

“You’re sorry?! Did I hear that right?!”

“I’ll just be leaving.”

“Yeah, I think that would be a really good idea. Quickly. Get the hell out of my house! Five minutes later and you probably would have been sniffing my bloody underwear! Stay much longer mate and I’ll put you through the table!”

Jaymi says no more and rushes from the house quickly.

When Josh gets back to Jaymi’s house that night Olly rushes over to him taking him into a hug.

“Are you Ok?”, Josh asks concerned.

“I’m fine. I just missed you.”

“I was only gone two hours.”

“I know and I’m glad your socialising with George. I don’t want your whole social life to be took over by fear that you’ll cheat on me again. I just missed you.”

“Olly you’re shaking. What happened?”

“Nothing. Nothing happened.”

“Olly something happened. You’re shaking. You’re close to tears. Tell me what happened.”

“Nothing!”, Olly shouted defensively pulling himself free from Josh.

“Ok, nothing happened then.”

“I’m going for a lie down.”

“Olly, speak to me.”

“You don’t want to know Jaymi.”

“But I do …”

“No babe I really don’t think you do.”, Olly says and goes into the bedroom for a lie down.

 More soon! 🙂


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