Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 2!

This is the next part of my fanfic “I Wish I Was You”. Enjoy! 🙂 :

Jaymi and Josh!

Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Josh sat in the pub contemplating what to do next. He was worried about going home or rather to Jaymi’s home. He didn’t want to hurt Olly and he knew he would. How could he not? He wasn’t Jaymi. He couldn’t treat him the way Jaymi did. And he was scared out of his wits. What if Olly jumped on him? It was perfectly plausible. He didn’t know that he wasn’t his boyfriend. Jaymi came in and sat with him.

“I miss him.”

“It’s been a day man! Get a grip! We’ve been away longer on work-related stuff!”

“I know. I think it’s because I’m fearful. Fearful of never getting back with him. Of him marrying you.”

“That’s the end of the year! I don’t want to be you for that long! No offence.”

Jaymi laughed.

“None taken. I don’t want to be you for that long either.”

Jaymi’s mobile phone rings.

“You answer it Jaymi. At least you’ll get to talk to him that way.”

“Thanks Josh. For thinking of me I mean.”

“You are my mate. Now answer the call before it goes off.”

Jaymi answers the call.

“Hey babe.”, he says softly.

“Oh you’re back to yourself now, are you?”
“Babe …”
“Jaymi, I don’t know what’s got into you today. The theatrics this morning …”
Jaymi raises an eyebrow as he looks at Josh.

“The what?”
“Don’t act all innocent on me James William Hensley …”

Jaymi winced.

“Olly don’t do that.”
“Well you stop treating like a stranger or you can get your stuff out and you can forget your wedding at the end of the year.”
“Olly, I love you.”
There’s silence at the other end of the line before Olly speaks,

“I love you too.”

“So we’re good then?”
“Well if you start acting normal again we’re good.”
“I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.”

“I can take a lot of that pressure. Just talk to me. Offload. I know it’s only been a day but we’re a team. We don’t need this disconnect.”

“I’m always completely connected to you.”

Tears are falling from Jaymi’s eyes.

“Good. Now babe, you stop crying.”

“How do you know I’m crying?”
Olly giggles.

“I’d love to say it was because we’re so connected but it’s because I can hear you through the phone.”

Jaymi giggles through tears.

“I want to hold you so much.”

Josh looks alarmed and mouths silently,

“Don’t say that!”

“I want you to hold me. You can hold me anytime you like.”

“Maybe not tonight though …”

“I’m hanging up Jaymi.”

“No, Olly please don’t.”

“Why not? It’s like you’re not attracted to me anymore.”
“Oh I am so attracted to you. You have no idea how much.”

“It’s all words Jaymi. If you are so attracted to me still prove it!”
“Get yourself home and land me on the freaking bed!”

“There’s nothing I want to do more but …”, Jaymi trails off.

“But what?”
“But …”
“You’ve seen some hot nineteen, twenty year old and even twenty-two is a bit old. You’re looking a toyboy! And once you’ve had someone so many times it’s not exciting anymore, is it?!”
“It’s not like that!”

“Well then tell me Jaymi what it’s like because I really don’t understand.”

“I love you! What more do you want?!”
“I want to know what’s happening. I want to know what has got into you?!”
“Olly you are everything to me.”

“And you are everything to me but I am not going to be made a fool of. I know when someone is drifting away from me.”

“No, I am not drifting away from you …”
“I’m sick of your words Jaymi. Just prove it or move out.”
“Olly, this is a bit dramatic. I mean I know that you can be but …”
“Dramatic?! I know that I can be too but after this morning, wouldn’t anybody be? You looked absolutely disgusted by the fact that you might have to do sexually with me. How do you think that makes me feel?!”

“Babe …”
“I’ve given you your options. Now the ball is in your court.”
“Olly …”
Olly hangs up.

“What’s wrong?”, Josh asks.

“What do you think is wrong?!”
Josh sighs.

“What was I supposed to do exactly? Cut me a little bit of slack here! I could hardly kiss and sleep with your boyfriend!”

“He hates me so much.”

“He doesn’t hate you. He hates me.”

“But you are now me so he hates me.”

“How can I put this right?”

“If we go back to mine really late, me and Olly could do it in the dark and he might not notice.”

“It’s worth a try.”

More soon! 🙂


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