The Strength of Our Love: Union J, Mostly George and Jaymi Fanfic Part 9!

Here is the ninth part of my fanfic The Strength of Our Love. Hope you enjoy!:-):

Title: The Strength of Our Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J and I’m not saying anything about their real sexualities. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Jaymi and George!

Jaymi and George!

As the lads packed to leave the hotel after coming fourth in the competition George took Jaymi into a tight hold.
“Let’s not leave things like this.”
“How else are we supposed to?”
“It was one mistake. It won’t happen again. I will not hurt you like that again.”
“I can’t trust you. That’s the point George.”
“Let me help you to trust me again.”
“It doesn’t work like that …”
“Please let me try. I can’t give up on us.”
“You don’t have to. I am.”
“Please Jaymi. Please give me another chance. I can’t love without you.”
“I can’t do this anymore Georgie. I’m sorry.”, Jaymi said and pulled himself free from his hold and going back to his packing.

George was sitting on a park bench back in Cleavdon. He felt so empty and sad. It was a terror he felt that you could go through your whole life not missing and feeling so down about someone when you had never met them and then because you had and you had fell so helplessly in love with them, everything was different. It wasn’t that you were completely consumed in them and that you didn’t carry on with life but at the same time they were always there in the back of your mind pushing forward at certain times affecting you to no end.
His mobile phone rang taking him away from his thoughts. Josh’s name flashed up on the screen. He sighed and answered the call.
“Hey Josh.”
“Hi George. I was just wondering if you’d like to meet up tomorrow for a rehearsal?”
“What? Why? Are we getting a contract?”
“What? No. But I don’t we just finish because we lost. We should continue on and see where it takes us.”
“I don’t know. I don’t think Jaymi would appreciate that.”
“Tough. Look I know you hurt him and I’m not condoning that but we are a band of four now and he’ll just have to deal with it.”
“I don’t want to do that to him Josh. I come swanning into a band he’s in and start dating him and then cheat on him and now he has to see me day in day out. That doesn’t seem fair.”
“Life isn’t fair. George, look he will get used to it. It will be alright.”
“I don’t want to make him uncomfortable.”
“As I said he’ll get used to it. Besides he’s considering getting back with Olly so you best be quick in trying to get him back.”
“Hold up a sec! Getting back with Olly?! Is that why you are really organising this little get together?”
“Possibly. Look I love Olly to bits but George you and I really really clicked. I don’t want to see you screw this up. So now is the time to be a man about this and convince him that you are the man for him. Are you up for that?”
“Damn right I am! He is not going back to him!”

The four lads met at Josh’s place. George was the first to arrive.
“Are the others not here yet?”, George asks as Josh and he go into the living-room.
“I’m freaking out. I know I should say I’m determined and set to get him back but I’m freaking out.”
“You don’t need to say anything that isn’t true. I know you are freaking out.”, Josh smiles.
There’s a knock at the door.
“Oh god, oh god …”, George fretted.
“Calm down! I know you are in love but he’s just a man. Calm down. And besides it could be JJ.”
Josh went to answer the door.
“Oh hey Josh.”, JJ smiled.
Upon hearing his voice, George calms down.
Josh and JJ come into the living-room.
“Jaymi isn’t coming.”, JJ informed them.
“Why?”, George asked.
“I don’t know.”, JJ said looking at the floor.
“Yeah you do. It’s because of me, isn’t it?”
“He’s not coming back boys.”, JJ said nervously.
“And he didn’t have the decency to tell us himself!”, Josh said angrily.
“Look guys, he’s going through a lot at the moment. Cut him a bit of slack.”
“JJ I’m trying to but he’s got to get a grip of himself.”
“Easier said than done Josh.”
“No, this isn’t right guys. He’s one of the original members. And I’m driving him out. I can’t do this.”
“No! You may not have been with us as long but you have as much right to be in this band as he does. You got that?”, Josh said.
“Josh is right.”, JJ added.
“I need to talk to him. I mean I know what it feels like to feel trapped and want to leave …”
“You do?”, JJ asked confused.
“It’s a long story.”, Josh said.
“I need to see him.”
“He doesn’t want to see you George.”, JJ said.
“Well he’s going to whether he likes it or not!”, George said storming out.

Jaymi sat in a cafe in Luton with Olly.
“What I’m trying to say Olly is that I might have made a mistake.”, Jaymi says taking Olly’s hand in his.
Olly pulls his hand free.
“What happened?”
“What? Nothing happened.”
“Did he dump you?”
“Ha? No …”
“Then what?”
“I just realised I was wrong about him. That’s all. Olly, I’m trying to put things right here.”
“Right in what way though Jaymi? How you think they should be or how you want them to be.”
Jaymi hesitated.
“I want you.”
“Took your time over that one, didn’t you? Look, I know you probably think that because for whatever reason you and George didn’t last that the proper thing would be to get back with me because we were together so long but I want more for you than that and …”
“Olly please listen to me …”
“And I want more for me. Jaymi, at the risk of sounding like a teenage girl here I want it all. The fairytale. Someone who loves me completely because they want to. Not because they feel they have to.”
Jaymi sighs.
“You’re right. I wasn’t really thinking of you.”
“So what did happen?”
“He cheated on me.”
“He done what?!”
“With some guy he met in a club or a pub or something.”
“Oh my god! You’ve been through a lot since I last seen you.”
“I still love him.”
“I know that.”
“That’s why I decided to leave the band.”
“What?! No, you can’t do that. You can’t let him push you out.”
“But he isn’t. Not really. It’s my feelings for him that are pushing me out. If I spend too long with him I’ll forgive him like some helpless fool who’s so in love he’s all forgiving in a flash. I used to laugh at these people. You know the celebrities who would take back their cheating partners but now I’m as bad as them. I know what it feels like to be … to be that vulnerable to someone else.”
“You’re not a fool. Talk to him Jaymi. If you still love him talk to him.”

More soon! 🙂


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