Elyar Fox Speaks Union J Tour, Josh Cuthbert’s Advice And His Top Five UK Hit!

Elyar Fox

Elyar Fox who was one of the support acts on Union J’s debut tour has said that Josh from Union J gave him advice while out on the tour. He also thanked his fans for supporting of his first single ‘Do It All Over Again’ by getting it into the top 5 in the UK.

He said  it was a great getting to meet his fans in Ireland and the UK during the tour.

“There’s definitely been a change since the Union J tour,” Elyar told the Daily Star. “I really like meeting the people that support me, I like them chatting to me.”

The ‘Do It All Over Again’ singer also said that Josh from the band gave him some advice about his career while on their their ‘Magazines & TV Screens’ tour.

“One of the things Josh said to me was, ‘Do whatever you can before you start releasing music and all that attention hits you’,” Elyar said. “If you can go play football, then go play football’.”

The singer also took time to thank fans for helping him get a top five single last weekend on the Vodafone Big Top 40 with his first song.

“I was hoping for the top 10, everyone wants a number one, but the ideal for me was getting top 5,” he added. “I’m really grateful to all the fans who have been supporting me.”

Elyar Fox’s debut single ‘Do It All Over Again’ is available to buy now.


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