Union J’s Jaymi Talks Food In This Week’s Heat Magazine!

Jaymi Hensley spoke about food in Heat this week!

Union J’s Jaymi Hensley appeared in Heat’s food section this week to discuss his favourite crisps, his favourite TV chef and what the best meal that he has ever eaten has been amongst many things cookery and food-related.

Speaking about his favourite meal that has cooked, Hensley 23 said, “My peanut butter on toast is good! Or a microwave meal, and I love a chicken curry.”

It is really surprising about the microwave since he used it in the words of bandmate Josh Cuthbert “a few too many times in the course of his meal” on Union J’s YouTube version of Channel 4’s hit TV show Come Dine With Me, Come Eat With Union J which if you have watched already you should. It’s a good bit of fun. 🙂

Speaking of the best meal he ever ate, he replied, “The catering on tour is so amazing! We had caramelised pork, which sounds rank, but it tasted amazing.”

Asked what his favourite crisp flavour was, he replied, “Prawn cocktail all the way! The really cheap 30p ones.”

You have got to love an economical man, don’t you?!

He also revealed that his favourite TV chef was “Ina Garten from The Barefoot Contessa. She does proper homely cooking.”

He also said mayonnaise was his favourite condiment and admitted that he has mayo even with roast dinners while he said he didn’t like steaks. He also stated that he would make Spaghetti Bolognese if four friends came around for dinner because “it goes down well with everyone. And I’d make my own bread.”

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