Union J Fanfic, Mainly Jaymi Hensley and Josh Cuthbert Part 1!

Jaymi Hensley!

Jaymi Hensley!

Josh Cuthbert!

Josh Cuthbert!

This fanfic is called “I Wish I Was You” and it is a Union J fanfic but it is mainly Jaymi and Josh and it’s a supernatural, alternative universe kind of fanfic and I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 :

Title: I Wish I Was You

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Josh and Jaymi walked to the bar in silence. Jaymi broke the silence.

“I’m sorry about the review.”

“I bet you are!”, Josh retorted.

“Oh Josh grow up!”

“Grow up?! That’s easy for you to say, ain’t it?! Mr. Best Singer in the group!”

“In their opinion!”

“In too many peoples’ opinion for my liking!”

“And what about all those modelling things you’re getting?! You’re making heaps of money out of that Mr. Chiselled Jaw!”

“That’s meaningless! I’ve worked hard on my vocals …”

“So have I!”

“Maybe but the point is that you don’t need to!”

“I think you’ll find that I do!”

“You know I wish just for once I could get up on a stage and sing as effortlessly as you. Sometimes I wish I was you!”

“Yeah well sometimes I wish I was you! Standing there posing away and been paid all that money. It’d pay for mine and Olly’s extention!”

At that moment in the midst of their row, they accidently banged into an old man.

“Watch it!”, shouted the old man and stormed by in a haste.

“Look forget the drink! I’m not in the mood! Go home and look at your undone extention!”, Josh shouted and walked off.

“Fine! I will!”, Jaymi shouts after him.

The next morning Josh woke up to a plain white ceiling. He sighed and thought of his argument with Jaymi. The two of them had been massively jealous of each other for years but it had never spilled out into an argument before.

“Oh baby, are you Ok?”, said a familiar voice.

Josh looked around to see Olly lying in the bed beside him. He jumped up out of the bed quickly.


“Well I hope you weren’t expecting someone else!”

“We didn’t?! We couldn’t have?! I’m not gay.”

“Oh Jaymi you’re so funny! And no, you fell asleep when you got in you lazy ‘ole thing.”

“Have you been drinking?!”


Josh rushed from the room and as he passed the mirror in the living-room what he saw shocked him to his core. There he was standing in front of the mirror but it wasn’t his reflection he saw. He could see Jaymi’s reflection. Olly came rushing out of the bedroom.

“Jaymi babe what on earth is going on?! Are you alright?”

“Olly I’m going to go out. I think I need some air.”

“Jaymi, what’s wrong? Talk to me.”

“I’m fine. I just need to get out for a bit. Olly put some trousers on!”

“Why? What’s wrong with my body?! I thought you liked my body!”

“I do! I do! It’s just it’s January, isn’t it? You’ll catch your death.”

Josh quickly got ready and rushed for the door.

“Hey Jaymi.”, Olly called.

Josh reluctantly stopped.


“Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?”

“Oh. Yeah, yeah of course.”, Josh said and walked over to Olly.

He awkwardly kissed Olly on the cheek.

“On the cheek?!”

“Sorry. I have to go Olly. Take care.”, Josh said and rushed out.

Jaymi woke up to a stratching on his hand. Ow! What the hell was that?! He woke up and seen Oreo scratching his hand.


“Miaow!”, went Oreo.

Jaymi looked around the room. This wasn’t his room. Where was Olly? He got up out of the bed. He didn’t remember even going to pub. What was he doing at Josh’s house? Confused, he walked to the kitchen where he met Josh’s housemate Jordan.

“Hey Josh. Well I’m off to work in a minute but …”

“What?! What are you talking about?! It’s me Jaymi!”

Jordan simply laughed.

“Yeah, I know sometimes you wish you were but come on mate!”

“Where’s my phone? I need to ring Olly.”

“I think you might be taking this whole I-Want-To-Be-Jaymi-Hensley thing too far!”, Jordan laughed.

“Why would anybody want to be Jaymi Hensley?!”

“That’s the spirit! Look mate I better go or I’ll be late. Got more cereal in last night so if you want any it’s in the press.”, Jordan said and left.

Jaymi was seriously confused. He walked into the living-room and sat on the sofa in a confused state. It was then that he seen his reflection in the TV screen. He looked like Josh. This couldn’t be right!, he thought and rushed over closer to the screen thinking that if he moved closer the reflection would change but it didn’t. It was still the same.

“Oh my god!”, he said out loud.

Josh came into work and George and JJ were already there. They were make fourth music video.

“Oh hey Jaymi.”, George said and JJ smiled to him.

Guys, not yous’ as well!, thought Josh but he didn’t want them to think he was as crazy as Olly clearly thought he was so he just smiled and said,

“Hey lads, much going on?”

“Not really. Just waiting around.”, JJ said.

“Right. I’ll relax then until their ready.”, Josh said and sat down.

JJ and George exchanged confused looks. Jaymi was never one to be very good at dealing with boredom.

At that point, Jaymi came in.

“Josh … I mean Jaymi, we need to talk!”

“Yeah, we definitely do!”, Josh said jumping up from the seat.

JJ and George looked confused as the other two guys went off to talk.

“Josh what the hell is going on here?!”

“We did make a wish last night!”

“Yeah but I don’t want your cat using my hand as a scratching board!”

“Oh how is Oreo?”

“Oh he’s in fine fiddle! Look at my hand!”, Jaymi said holding up his hand which is full of scratches.

“Well I would have warned you that he does that if I had known you were going to end up in my bed … Sorry, that sounded all kinds of wrong.”

“It’s Ok. Where did you sleep last night?”

“Mate, I ended up there just like you did and nothing happened …”


“I woke up in bed with Olly but he assured me he fell asleep last night so don’t punch me man! And by the way does he have to walk around in his boxers?!”

Jaymi winced.

“Oh that’s pain.”

“What is?”

“I have got to get back home. Olly in his boxers! It’s too much for me to take!”

“We will.”

“Do you really think that Josh?”

“We have to believe that don’t we?”

“I guess so.”
Josh’s mobile phone rings. He takes it from his trouser pocket and looks at the screen.
“It’s Olly.”
“Answer it. I don’t mind. Just act normal. I don’t want him to think I’m crazy.”
Josh didn’t like to tell him that the way he acted this morning he probably already did.
“Hey Olly.”
“Hi Jaymi. Babe I was a bit worried about you earlier …”
“Yeah I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what happened me. But hey I’m fine now.”
“Good because I thought maybe we could later …”
“What?”, Josh said freaking out.
“Well I was just thinking …”, Olly replied sounding a bit hurt.
“No it’s just that we’re going to be a long time here and I’ll be really tired when it’s over and …”
“It’s Ok. Though it’s not really like you to ever refuse but Ok, it’s fine Jaymi. Don’t worry.”
Josh holds in a smile.
“Ok, cool. Talk to you soon.”
“Cool. Bye babe.”
Josh ends the call.
“What did he say?”, Jaymi asks.
“He wanted to have a bit of fun tonight!”
“Oh god! Kill me!”, Jaymi whimpered.
“And that apparently you never refuse!”, Josh laughs.
Jaymi blushes.
“Ok, that might be true!”
“Jaymi, you dark horse!”, Josh laughs.

More soon! 🙂


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