Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon Fanfic Part 6!

Hi and welcome to the sixth installment of Long-term Love. Enjoy! 🙂

It really should be illegal to be this gorgeous boys! Just saying!

It really should be illegal to be this gorgeous boys! Just saying!

Title: Long-term Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Clay sat strumming his guitar but it was more in an empty frustrated fashion than in an actual attempt to play some tune or other. George came over to him.

“I’m sorry for telling your business. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’ve just plucked up enough courage to come over and talk to you.”

“It’s alright. I thought you were going to that new bar.”

“I was over there but then someone said you were still back here and that you seemed down … you seemed Ok earlier.”

“I’ve been putting it on.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Have you ever like really liked somebody but their in love with someone else?”

“Yeah. It’s not a nice feeling. What happened?”

“He’s in love with his ex. He ended things.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’ll survive. It was nice while it lasted. You know someone like him going out with someone like me.”

“What do you mean someone like you? Clay you’re smart, you’ve got amazing swagger, you’re nice and you’re good-looking. Why wouldn’t he go out with you?”

“Not true but thank you.”

“It is true!”, George protested.

Just then Jaymi barged his way in the door.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!”, he shouted.

“Jaymi, Jaymi calm down.”, George said tensely.

“What?!”, Clay asked confused.

“Now everybody keep calm. This can be all sorted out in a very civil way if we all keep calm.”, George said getting in the middle in case a fight broke out.

“You tried to take my man!”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Olly! I’m talking about Olly! My Olly!”

“You and Olly?”

“Yeah me and Olly. You must be really thick! I said my Olly, didn’t I?!”

“Yeah well he wasn’t your Olly recently, was he?!”

“Oh let me at him George! Let me at him!”, Jaymi said as George restrained him.

“Please Clay don’t make this worse!”, George said frantically.

“He just called me thick George! Am I supposed to stand here and take that?!”

“No I don’t mean that. I just can’t restrain him when your saying things like that!”

“Well don’t then. He’s clearly looking for a fight and I never disappoint. Olly would tell you that too.”

“Oh George I am serious! Let me at him!”

“Clay stop it!”, George shouted.

“You stay away from Olly!”

“You’re a bit late there mate.”

“I am not your mate.”

“Turn of phrase. I’m not yours either.”

“What am I in?! A playground?! You’re not my mate, I’m not your mate! Would the pair of you act your ages?!”, George shouted.

“George nobody is asking you stay! Clay wants to get at me. I want to get at him. You do not need to be here!”

“Well I’m not going anywhere Jaymi! Otherwise the two of you will end up in the ICU!”

“I somehow doubt that I would but I wouldn’t be so sure about Adams here!”

“Oh that’s big talk Hensley!”

“Please guys just stop it! Olly wouldn’t want this!”

“I’m beyond caring about Olly Marmon!”

“Yeah Jaymi that’s why you have your fists up!”, George said.

“George just stay out of this!”

Josh and JJ rushed in.

“What on earth is going on?!”, Josh asked.

“Oh just Jaymi’s decided to become Rocky for the day and Clay is a willing opponent!”

“Jaymi mate calm down. We all know Olly loves you. Not him.”, Josh said.

Jaymi stopped trying to get at Clay.

“Wait a second, you all know?!”

There is silence in the room.

“I asked you all a question!”, Jaymi shouted breaking the silence.

“It’s a long story.”, Josh said weakly.

“How long have you all knew for?”

“I only found out yesterday.”, JJ said.

“Josh? George?”

There was silence before Josh spoke.

“You know that day in the bar after we stalked Olly?”

“What?!”, Clay asked.

“Clay stay out of this!”, George said.

But Clay ignored him.

“Are you in the habit of stalking him Jaymi?!”

“I usually don’t need to. His lips are usually on mine!”

“Well I knew from then and I had to tell someone and I felt awful having to burden George with it but I needed to offload what I knew so I went around George’s that night and I confided in him that I had seen Olly with another man who turned out to be Clay at the bar.”

“How the hell did I not see them?!”

“You had your back to them. Then he went to the toilet and I took that as my cue for us to go.”

“You let me get the dog knowing that?”

“Jaymi I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to delay the hurt I guess.”

“You let me make a complete fool of myself thinking there was hope?!”

“Well there was!”, Clay interrupted.

“Nobody asked you!”, Jaymi retorted.

“Tough because I’m speaking and I have a right to. There clearly was hope because he loves you.”

“Don’t act all nice. You don’t even like me!”

“I’m not saying it for you. I’m saying it for Olly because … well it doesn’t matter why. The point is that he loves you. So the question remains: what exactly are you doing here?”

Jaymi could see that his love rival actually had a fair point. When an incredibly hot and loving guy had just proclaimed his love for him, what was he doing here with his bandmates and his rival for his affections? But of course macho pride was so that he wasn’t about to show that he agreed with what Clay said.

“You wouldn’t understand!”, he said instead.

“Jaymi, none of us meant to hurt you. We just didn’t want to see you get hurt.”, George said.

“From now on, apart from when we are doing our duties for the band, I don’t want to see any of you. From now on we are work colleagues! We are not friends!”, Jaymi said walking out.

The three lads rushed after him.

“Jaymi where are you going?”, Josh asked.

“I’m going home to salvage what’s left of my relationship.”

“Please you have understand …”, George began.

“I don’t have to understand anything George! The three of you lied to me! That fact isn’t going to change, is it?! Do you know between Olly and the three of you lads I’m beginning to lose trust in my own judgement of people. Every one of you let me down.”

“Jaymi we’re sorry. We did it with good intentions.”, JJ said.

“I don’t care what your intentions were.”, he says and walks off.

Olly is sitting on his sofa fretting when he hears a knock at the door. He rushes to it fearful of what he is about to find out. When he answers the door Jaymi is standing there with no black eyes or nothing, he observes.

“What happened?”, he asks concerned.

Jaymi doesn’t reply. He just wraps his arms around Olly tightly pulling him close to him.

“Jaymi speak to me. What happened?”

“Why did you do this to me?”

“I was wrong. Babe what happened?”

Jaymi ended the hug.

“I didn’t box him if that’s what you mean. Your precious Clay.”, Jaymi says sarcastically.

“He’s not precious to me. You are. That’s why I ended things with him. Jaymi I love you. Please don’t make me suffer anymore. I just want to be with you, I just want to live with you, I just want to marry you. I want us to walk Belle together again. I want us to have kids someday. I want us to open that hair salon we always talked about opening someday. I want you.”

“I want you too but can I trust you?”

Olly took Jaymi’s hand in his.

“I know I hurt you but I will never hurt you again. I don’t want anybody but you. Please. Please believe me. I made a mistake babe.”

“Ok. Let’s get back together.”

Tears come into Olly’s eyes.

“Do you mean that?”

“I do.”, Jaymi says and kisses the side of Olly’s hand softly.

“You will never regret this. I will make you so happy.”

“Likewise babe.”

They begin to hug and kiss.

More soon! 🙂

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