Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon Fanfic Part 5!

Hi! Here is the fifth part of my Jaymi and Olly fanfic Long-term Love. As always I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

The adorable Jaymi and the equally adorable Olly!

The adorable Jaymi and the equally adorable Olly!

Title: Long-term Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Clay came around to Olly’s house and knocked on the door. Olly rushed to the door hoping it was Jaymi. His face fell when he seen that it was Clay but then he reasserted himself.

“Hi Clay.”, he said forcing a smile.

“Hey Olly. I’m just coming around because you haven’t called and you aren’t answering my calls and I’m wondering, are we good?”

“Clay, we need to talk.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that.”

“Come in.”

Olly let Clay in and they sat down together.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“Ok.”, Clay replied trying to take this all in his stride.

“When I met you I had only just ended a long-term relationship.”


“And if I’m been honest I still …”, Olly trailed off, his courage failing him.

“You’re still in love with him?”

“Yeah.”, Olly said weakly.

There was silence. Olly broke the silence.

“But you’re a great guy …”

“It’s Ok Olly. You don’t have to, I’m alright.”

“But it’s true. You are a great guy and if things were different, maybe. It’s just …”

“You don’t need to explain.”

“I do Clay. I owe you that. I dragged you into all this.”

“I asked you out.”

“You didn’t know my situation. I did and I liked you and I couldn’t help myself. But I should have. You are amazing and you are going to make someone very happy. You have everything except that … Except that you aren’t him and he’s all I want.”


“Please say something more than Ok.”

“Olly I don’t know what you want me to say. No, I’m not happy. I’m hurt. I want you to be happy and if he’s what makes you happy then I’m not going to try and stand in the way but that doesn’t mean that I amn’t human. I think I should leave.”, Clay says standing up.

“Clay please.”, Olly says but he ignores him and walks to the door where he stops and turns to Olly.

“You know one day I might thank you for been honest. Right now I don’t feel that way. I’m sorry.”

He walks out.

“You two have got to get back together.”, Josh says to Jaymi as they record part of the album.

“I don’t trust him.”

“You can’t throw everything you both have together away. Come on, if I had what you have …”

“Long-term relationships aren’t all their cracked up to be.”

“You love him don’t you?”


“And he loves you?” “Yeah.”

“And you see the two of you together in twenty years time?”



“It’s not that simple.”

“It kind of is Jaymi. Just saying.”

“But what if he finds someone else? It doesn’t seem that hard for him to do. I am clearly not irreplacable.”

“That was while you were apart. Ok, I know mate that it was only after you broke up and I’m not excusing that but he never went with anyone else while you were both together did he?”

“No.”, Jaymi sighs.

“Well then trust the guy that he won’t do it again if you get back together. Come on you’re miserable. Give him a chance. Love is about taking chances. It’s about risking your heart for happiness with the person that you love. I’m not saying Olly is perfect but none of us are and deep down you love Olly for even his imperfections.”

“True. I just don’t know Josh. I thought I knew him. Now I’m not so sure anymore.”

“Talk to him. If you still feel the same way after that, then do what you feel but at least give him a chance.”

“He’s called me ten times. I’m worried he’ll waste his credit.”

Josh smiles.

“And you don’t care about him? And yet you’re worried about his financial situation?”

Jaymi laughs.

“Ok! I’ll talk to him. I’ll give him the time of day. But if he’s on his last chance. He needs to prove to me that it’s worth giving things another go. And Josh?” “Yeah?” “Thanks.”

“That’s what friends are for … Oh my that sounded cheesy.”

“Get the violins out.”, Jaymi laughed.

Olly picked up his mobile phone again. This was ridiculous, he thought. This was his eleventh phone call to Jaymi and he hadn’t picked up yet. Jaymi, cut me some slack he thought as he put the call through. He waited and then relief swarmed through him when Jaymi answered the call.

“Hi Olly …”

“Oh at last!”, he found himself saying before he could stop himself.

He was secretly irritated that he hadn’t answered his call but then he realised that he needed to get back into Jaymi’s good books and changed tact.

“Sorry about that. Look Jaymi I am really sorry.”

He could hear Jaymi hold in a giggle.

“At last?! Charming Olly!”, he laughed.

“Well you took your time. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Ok. What do you want?”


“Let’s take it one step at a time eh?”

Oh he was going to make this hard on him, he knew.

“Ok. Jaymi can we meet up and talk this out?”

“I’m up for that. But …”

“But what?”

“But I’m not making any promises Olly.”

Olly winced. He really was going to make this hard on him.

“Alright Jaymi.”


Oh say something more than alright!, Olly thought.

“I love you Jaymi. I really too.”

“Alright Olly.”

Alright?!, thought Olly, seriously stop that!

“Well Ok, do you want to come over later?”

“I’ll be over.”

“What time?”

“I don’t know. Some time later. Why? Have you got plans tonight? With the other guy?”, Jaymi said sarcastically.

“I ended things with him.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.


“Alright. Well good. See you then.”

“See you then.”

Olly ended the call. It was progress. It wasn’t perfect but it was progress, he thought.

“You coming for a few drinks? The rest are heading to that new bar that opened.”, JJ said to Jaymi as they walked from the studio.

“Not tonight.”

“You really shouldn’t be alone while you’re going through this.”

Jaymi smiled.

“Thanks for caring JJ but I’m going to see Olly tonight. We’re going to talk.”

“Oh. Well good.”, JJ smiled.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you then. Oh and Jaymi …”

“Yeah?” “I hope it works out for you guys.”

“Thanks.”, Jaymi smiled and walked to his car.

Olly sat in his house fretting. He couldn’t stop chewing his nails and pulling at his clothes. He was totally freaking out and he was terrified that his neaves would get in the way of him getting back with Jaymi. And that was not an option. This was the man he loved. The man that he wanted to spend his life with. Failure in his quest to get him back was not an option. There was a knock at the door and Olly nervously went to answer it. It was Jaymi.

“Hey.”, he said weakly.

“Hi.”, Jaymi replied.

Olly let him in and they sat down.

“You wanted to talk to me Olly, go on.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Well that’s fantastic.”

“I’m nervous Jaymi!”

Jaymi sighed.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I’m just a little angry. That’s all.”

“That’s understandable. Look I don’t know what to say so I’m just going to be honest. I freaked out Jaymi. I seen people older than me completely single-minded for themselves and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had no strings. They were free. And I guess I wanted to be free too.” “But that makes no sense! You ran straight into a relationship straight after we broke up!”

“But it wasn’t a big relationship. He was a nice guy, we had a bit of fun. With you it was different. We were committed and totally wrapped up in each other and it scared me half to death. When he came along I wasn’t thinking oh I’m going to get a house with this guy and therefore I was still free but then I realised that I didn’t want to be free. I wanted you. I wanted what we had together back.”

Jaymi sighed.

“So do I.”

“You do?”, Olly asked hopefully.

“I do. But it’s difficult. I mean the second we broke up you were running off with this guy …”

“I didn’t plan that.”

“Even so, you were.”

“But it meant nothing. I hated myself for it but babe he was … well he was hot. I felt something.”

“I don’t want to know what you felt!”, Jaymi said quickly.

“I wasn’t going to tell you!”, Olly laughed.

There was silence. Olly broke the silence.

“Take me back? We were good together, weren’t we?” “We were.”

Olly took Jaymi’s hand in his.

“I love you Jaymi Hensley. Clay Adams was just a fling. It meant nothing.”

“Clay Adams?”

Olly stayed quiet. He hadn’t been thinking when he told him his name.

“Clay Adams? A guitarist called Clay Adams?”

“It meant nothing!”, Olly said frantically.

Jaymi pulled his hand free from Olly’s and stood up.

“Oh I’ll kill him!”, he raged.

Olly stood up quickly.

“Jaymi he didn’t know! He doesn’t even know that your my ex!”

“I don’t care! He went out with my man and I’ll sort this out!”, Jaymi said and stormed out of the house.

“Babe what are you going to do?!”, Olly asked frantically while rushing after him.

“Stay away from me!”, Jaymi shouted and got into the car.

“Jaymi, it meant absolutely nothing! Leave it!”, Olly shouted nervously tapping the car window.

Jaymi ignored him and sped off into the distance leaving Olly standing in front of the house in distress.

More soon! 🙂


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