Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon Fanfic Part 3!

The adorable couple!

Ok, hi again! This is the third part of my Jaymi and Olly fanfic. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Title: Long-term Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Olly’s car pulled up outside Robson’s pub and he got out. Jaymi and Josh stopped a little further up the road so that he wouldn’t see them.

“See it’s all perfectly innocent. He’s just going for a drink …”, Josh began.

“On his own?”

Olly got out of the car and headed into the pub. Josh’s mobile phone went off and he answered it.

“Oh hey George … Yeah, I’m just stalking Olly with Jaymi … Yes I know it sounds a little crazy but Jaymi was adamant … We’ve arrived at a pub. Robson’s … Oh he’s you know gritting his eye and looking possessed …”

“It’s called rage Josh.”

“Yes, he is been quite sharp today George but he doesn’t love him apparently.”

“I’ve got to get inside that pub.”, Jaymi said opening the car door.

“Hold up! You can’t just go marching in there. You’re supposed to be at Wicked!”

“I’m not going to let him see me! And besides if he does happen to I’ll just say I changed my mind. I am entitled to.”

“No, he’s not in a very good humour George mate. Look I better let you go. We’re about to give Olly a bigger shock than seeing Jaymi with blonde hair!”

“He liked my blonde hair! He likes my dark hair too!”

“Oh how could you ever let him get away?”, Josh laughed.

“Shut-up Josh!”, Jaymi said indignantly and got out of the car.

“As I said mate not in a very mood today. Talk to you soon … Yeah I will let you know how it progresses. Bye mate.”, Josh says into the phone and gets out of the car and rushes after Jaymi who is walking to the pub.

“I hope he’s not in there with someone!”

“Maybe he’s meeting a friend. Jaymi you could be jumping to conclusions here.”

“He blew me off to come here tonight. He’s not meeting a friend. Give me some credit. We were together a long time.” Jaymi rushed ahead and Josh walked quickly to keep up with him. They went inside the bar. There was an old man at the bar who looked like a regular nursing a pint.

“Jeez Jaymi do you think he upgraded to the more mature gentleman?!”, Josh joked.

“Shut-up Josh!”, Jaymi laughed.

They made their way further into the bar and then seen Olly in a corner sitting by himself with his drink. They went and sat in a seat behind a wall.

“See you were worrying for nothing. He’s just having a quiet drink.”

“You’re right. I’ve been stupid. I need to get a grip. He wouldn’t find someone new thst quick. He has more respect for me than that. I feel so bad for doubting him.”

“Mate we all get it wrong sometimes. It’s only because you care so don’t beat yourself up about it.”

“I’m still in love with him. I guess I thought I wanted my freedom but I guess I don’t. It’s hard because I was nineteen when I met Olly. Most people are older when they meet the love of their lives. They know what it’s like to be single and to not have the pressures of a relationship and I guess I thought I wanted that. Like I’d missed out or something and I was too young for all this but I know now that I didn’t because I got to spend all that time with him and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I don’t want him to be with anyone but me. I want to get back with him and continue to have the pressures of been in a relationship because the joys of it outweigh the stresses.”

“Seems like you’ve come to a conclusion.”, Josh smiled.

“I guess I have. I know I have.”, Jaymi smiled back.

The door of the pub opened and Clay walked in. Jaymi had his back to him but Josh could see him come in. He was admiring his jacket, thinking he seemed a cool guy, had a cool swagger when he seen him walk over to Olly and give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. Suddenly he felt angry. Poser!, he thought in fury. His thoughts are interrupted by Jaymi speaking.

“Josh, I need to figure out how I’m going to get him back.”

“Oh yeah, of course.”

“What do you think I should do? Should I buy him flowers or another puppy?”

Josh can see Clay go to the bathroom.

“I think we should go shopping.” “Shopping?” “Yeah. For something for Olly.”

“Should I maybe go over and talk to him first? You know, say hello?” “No! I mean no. You don’t want him to know you followed him here do you?”

“But he’d never know I did. I could have just come in for a drink.”

“Out of all the bars in London and you supposed to be at the theatre?”

“Maybe you’re right.”, Jaymi conceeded.

“Yeah. I am. Now come on. Let’s go and get something for Olly.”

“Thanks Josh. Thanks for been there for me and been so amazing.”

Let’s just go quickly, thought Josh. We can do this bromance thing later!

“Yeah. Cool mate. Of course I’d be here. Now come on.”

They leave the pub and get into the car and drive off.

Clay came back from the bathroom, smiled to Olly who smiled back and went up to the bar to order a drink for himself. This gave Olly even more time to contemplate whether he should be doing this or not. But he convinced himself that he wasn’t cheating on Jaymi. It was alright. He was single now and he was just having fun. But then why did he feel this heavy guilt flowing through him? His mind is took away from his thoughts by Clay returning with a pint of lager and sitting down.

“So tell me about yourself?”, Clay asked with a smile.

“Oh there’s not much to tell. I work as a hairdresser in Chilli Reds and I have a dog called Belle. After Princess Belle in Beauty & The Beast.”

“I used to watch that as a kid.”

“Me too.”

“So what’s she like? Your dog?” “Oh she’s adorable. She’s my baby really. I spoil her. Do you have any dogs?” “Rasher.”

“Rasher?”, Olly smiles.

“He likes rashers! Don’t judge!”, Clay giggles.

“How very imaginative!”, Olly smiles teasingly.

“We can’t all be as imaginative as thinking of Beauty & The Beast.”, Clay smiles.

“Well me and my … Doesn’t matter. Continue.”, Olly said trailing off before saying that Belle was his and his boyfriend’s favourite Disney princess and realising he was about to say boyfriend instead of ex-boyfriend. He was glad Clay didn’t question him on stopping mid-sentence.

Jaymi and Josh were down at the shopping centre.

“Do you know we should go for the dog. He loves Belle. I love Belle.”

“Well she has got a really adorable face. How could you not?”

“True. Is there anyone selling any dogs close by here?”

“No. But I do know that there is a dog shelter close by.”

“Ok. Let’s go and look at some cute dogs.”

“Jaymi …”

“Yeah Josh?” “Nothing. Let’s go to the shelter.”

As they pull up outside the dog shelter Jaymi is very excited.

“This is brilliant. I am going to get him back, tell him how much I love him. Belle will have another dog to play with. It’s going to be perfect.”

“Mate, he was the one that broke up with you. Consider that.”

“Yeah but he was as confused as I was. It’s clear to me now.”

“What is?”

“He knows that he’s made a mistake but he wouldn’t come out with me tonight because he had his pride. I mean he went to a pub on his own instead. He’s lonely without me but he won’t admit it. And that’s alright. We’ll get back together and then neither of us will be lonely.”

Josh knows he should speak now. Tell him the truth but he can’t. He doesn’t want to hurt him. He seems so happy.

“Yeah. Sounds amazing mate.”, he says instead.

“Of course it’s amazing. Come on.”, Jaymi said getting out of the car.

“Coming.”, Josh replied getting out of the car reluctantly behind him.

They walk into the dog shelter and go up to the woman at the desk.

“Hi. I’m looking to get a dog.”, Jaymi smiles.

“I’ll bring you through to have a look at them. We’ve got many sweet dogs.”, she smiles back and leads them through to look at the dogs.

The first dog they see is a Chow Chow who is looking through the bars of their kennel with hopeful eyes.

“Oh my god look Jaymi. JJ would love him.”, Josh says pointing out the Chow Chow.

The next dog is a Beagle who is chasing his tail.

“Oh look at him. Isn’t he adorable Jaymi?” “Yeah. But I’ve seen the one I want.”

Josh looked to where Jaymi’s eyes had fallen. There sat a pomeranian in the centre of their kennel.

“Oh look Josh, just look at the baby.”

“She’s been with us for a while now.”, the woman informed him.

“How? How could she be? She’s adorable. Olly will love her. That’s my boyfriend.”

“I …”, the woman began but stopped.

Josh smiled. He could tell that she was about to say I know. So we had a Union J fan in our presence, he thought. Though Jaymi didn’t seem to notice while he gazed lovingly at the dog which had stole his heart.

“Can I go in and see her?”, he asked.

“Yeah sure.”, the woman said and the three of them went into the kennel. Jaymi went over to the dog and began to pet her.

“Hey. How are you babe? I’m Jaymi. Do you want to be Beyonce? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want to be? Even I want to be Beyonce.”

Jaymi tentatively lifted the tiny bundle of fur up.

“Oh sweetheart I think you’ll have to come. You’ll have to.”

He turned to the woman while still holding the dog.

“Yeah, this is the one.”

After thanking the woman for all her help and after Jaymi had filled out the relevant paperwork the pair left the dog shelter with Beyonce the pomeranian.

“I can’t wait to tell Olly.”, Jaymi said as they got into the car.

“Give it a bit of time eh Jaymi?”, Josh said tensely as he climbed into the car too holding Beyonce so that Jaymi could drive.

“Why?” “Because … Because it’s a lot to spring on him all at once. You need to give him time to get his thoughts about you together.”

“Josh is there something you know that you’re not telling me?” “No mate. I’m just saying to go easy on him. Take a bit of time to allow some him space. The longer you’re away from each other the more he’ll realise you’re the one. Right now you just might appear clingy.”

“Clingy?! I’m not clingy Josh!”

“I’m not saying you are. I’m saying you’ll appear clingy. There’s a difference. Look at it another way. He told you it was over and you’re running back with a dog. I know you love him. I’m just saying that you need to give it time.”

Jaymi sighs.

“Maybe you’re right. I just miss him.”

“ I know you do mate. I know you do.”, Josh says and rubs Jaymi’s shoulders gently before Jaymi starts the car and they drive off.

Josh goes around to see George later.

“Wow, you look stressed. Come on in.”, George says upon opening the door and seeing the distressed face of his friend.

“I feel it.”, Josh said as George let him in and closed the door.

The two of them sat down on the sofa.

“What’s wrong?”

“Olly is seeing someone else.”



“Does Jaymi know?” “No. I got him out of the bar while the twat was in the bathroom. And it’s worse. Jaymi wants to get back with him.”

“Can’t that guy make up his mind?” “When he thought that Olly was with someone else he got jealous. He still loves him and I’m there saying give it time, give him space while knowing that Olly is seeing someone else. I don’t want to see him get hurt.”

“If he loves him he’s going to get hurt.”

“I know. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him?”

“No! Are you mad?” “I don’t want him to find out a worse way.”

“It could fizzle out.”

“But what if it doesn’t? He bought him a new pomeranian puppy and all.”


“Oh he got it into his head that he was going to get back with him and Belle would have a dog to play with.”

“Couldn’t you have tried to stop him?”

“And say what? Don’t get the dog because your ex is on a date with an indie-looking fella with a cool jacket and an even cooler swagger.”

“Is he good-looking?”

“He’s a good-looking guy, I’ll give him that.”, Josh says reluctantly.

“Oh I’m so mad with Olly right now! I know he’s single but he’s just about single. Couldn’t he have not waited a few months at least?!”

“I know. I’m raging too. What am I going to do?”

“I don’t know Josh. We have to make sure he doesn’t find out though. Give it time to possibly fizzle out.”

More soon. 🙂

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