Jaymi Hensley and Olly Marmon Fanfic Part 2!

Hey! Here is the second part of my Jolly fanfic: Long-term Love. Hope you all enjoy!

Totally cute!

Totally cute!

Title: Long-term Love

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Olly looked around the house that he and Jaymi lived in and at his engagement ring. He had built up a life with Jaymi and now it felt like it was crumbling all around him. The door clicked open and Jaymi came in. Olly went over to greet him, kissing him on the lips gently.
“Welcome home babe. Did you have a good trip back?”
“Yeah, it was fine.”
“Jaymi, I’ve got to talk to you about something.”
“Well I’ll just drop my case into the bedroom. Have that ready to unpack later and I’ll come back out to you.”
Jaymi went into the bedroom and Olly sat down on the sofa. His heart was heavy. He had come to this decision while Jaymi had been away but now that he had to do it he felt very nervous.
“So what is it Olly?”, Jaymi asked sitting beside him on the sofa.
Olly took hold of Jaymi’s hand. His mouth went dry. He couldn’t speak. This made Jaymi concerned.
“Babe, are you alright?”
“No Jaymi I’m not.”
“You’re not ill are you? Tell me you’re not ill.”, Jaymi said frantically.
“No, no I’m fine.”
“Then what? Stop been so dramatic. Tell me.”
“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking …”
“Really? That’s a new one.”, Jaymi joked.
“Stop that!”, Olly smiled.
“So go on then. You’ve been doing a lot of thinking …”
“And I’ve come to a really difficult decision.”
Olly paused. He wasn’t sure how he was going to say the next bit.
“Go on. It’s alright. I won’t be mad.”, Jaymi coaxed gently.
“You won’t be saying that when I’ve finished.”
“Try me.”
Olly inhaled and exhaled deeply.
“I don’t know if I want to. But I have to. Jaymi I love you. I do. But …”, Olly’s voice trails off, his courage failing him.
“But what Olly?”
“But I don’t think that we should be together anymore. I’m sorry.”
“Are you upset?”
“It’s alright. If that’s how you feel then that’s alright.”
“You mean that? You don’t hate me?”
Jaymi took Olly into a hug.
“No. No, of course I don’t hate you. It’s fine.”
Olly breathed a sigh of relief.
“Thank you Jaymi. For been so good about this I mean. I was scared you’d fly off the handle or worse cry.”
“It’s alright. If you’re unhappy with how things are I’m not going to hold you back.”
“Thank you. You know you’re going to make someone so happy someday.”
“So are you.”

Josh, JJ and George sat on the tour bus.
“Heard from Jaymi boys?”, George asked concerned.
“No. His mobile was off last night.”, JJ replied.
“I got the same.”, Josh says.
“So did I. That’s why I asked.”
At that moment Jaymi bounced onto the tour bus in a gleeful fashion.
“It’s over!”, he said smiling.
“Please say you mean something else and not your relationship with Olly.”, Josh says.
“Oh don’t be all judgemental Josh. Besides it was him that ended it with me.”, Jaymi replied and slumped himself into a seat.
“What?”, George asked.
“Yeah. Turns out I wasn’t crazy. He was feeling the exact same way.”
“Well how do you feel?”
“I feel amazing George and so does Olly. It’s all good mate.”
“Then why didn’t you answer your phone? If you’re so happy why were you avoiding callers?”
“George we were having a laugh together. It’s been over quite a while and we were both under so much pressure trying to keep up the pretence with each other. Now with that pressure gone we were able to just be friends and hang out and laugh.”
The bus fell silent. After a few minutes Jaymi broke the silence.
“Oh come on guys, this silence is killing me! Will somebody please talk? Jeez, even Olly was happier. He was buzzing. This is like a morgue!”
“Sorry if we’re been a bit sad Jaymi but Olly was like a fifth member of the band. I’m happy that you’re happy and I’ll totally stand by your decision. I told you that but maybe right now we don’t feel quite as happy as you.”
“JJ, I was in a relationship with Olly. Not any of you. If I’m happy, I don’t see what you lot are so down about. And besides he can still be like the fifth member of the band. Nothing’s changed except that me and Olly are not together anymore. We’ve made ourselves happy. I’m sorry if that’s such a crime!”
“We’re not unhappy for you. The last thing that any of us want is for you to be in a relatiomship you don’t want to be in. It’s just …”
“Just what Josh?”
“We think you’re making a mistake. We think you’ll regret it.”
“Clearly not if he doesn’t love me anymore either.”
“Maybe but I think what you guys have is really great together and I just think you both should fight for it a little more. I’m a bit disappointed in both of you to be honest but it’s your lives.”
“Oh I am glad you finally got to that! It is our lives and we are not going to do anything for nobody.”
“I never claimed you should. I agree with you. I just think it’s sad.”

Olly walked from the salon to his car. As he tried to open his car the keys slipped from his hand. A man came along and rushed over to him. He picked up the keys and handed them to Olly.
“Thanks.”, Olly smiled and noticed how shy he was getting around this man.
He noticed how handsome he was. Dark hair, really dark beautiful eyes. Maybe … But he tried to shake his way out of this way of thinking. He and Jaymi had only just left each other, the man had just been helping him pick up his keys. But then the man spoke.
“No problem. I’m Clay.”
“I’m Olly.”, Olly replied shaking his hand.
“The man had a firm handshake, Olly thought in contrast to his own shaking handshake. He was clearly feeling a lot more confident than he was.
“Say would you like to maybe go for a drink sometime?”
While his head said this is forward, we’ve just met he found the intoxication of the man’s beauty causing his words to come out very differently.
“Yeah, I would love that.”
Clay smiled.
“Great. I’ll meet you at Robson’s pub tomorrow? Do you know it?”
“Yeah. I’ll meet you then.”
“At 8?”
“You’re on then Olly.”, Clay said smiling and putting special emphasis on Olly’s name causing Olly to hold back swooning.
“Cool.”, Olly replied.

Jaymi sat at the bar of the hotel. He pulled his mobile phone from his jacket pocket and rang Olly. He felt so much more at ease ringing him now that things had been sorted out. No answer. He tried again. This time Olly answered though he seemed very distracted.
“Hey Jaymi.”
“Is that a hair dryer in the background? Are you doing your hair?”
“No. I mean yeah. I thought I’d give it a bit of a wash, you know. It was starting to lose that fresh smell.”
“Are you going out tomorrow?”
“Ok. So I was thinking that maybe we could chill together tomorrow night, go to a show …”
“I can’t tomorrow.”
“Why not? You just said you weren’t going out tomorrow.”
“Look Jaymi there’s a reason why we broke up …”
“Olly calm down. I’m only saying to hang out as friends. We are still friends after all.”
“Yeah but friends don’t see each other all the time. We don’t need to see each other all the time. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Ok, not all the time then if that’s what you want. I respect that. But we could still hang out tomorrow and then I’ll leave it for a week if you want then. Deal?”
“No. Look I’ll call you sometime.”
“Olly, are we good?”
“Of course we’re good. But I’ll you soon. Ok?”
“Ok.”, Jaymi said trying to hold back the sadness in his voice.
“Cool. I’ll talk to you then.”
“Ok. Love you Olly.”
“Love you too.”
Olly ended the call and Josh joined Jaymi at the bar.
“You look down. Is everything alright?”
“No. It’s Olly. He doesn’t want to see me tomorrow night. He’s going on a date, isn’t he?!”
“Ah you don’t know that. He might simply not be up for it. Don’t worry about it. I’ll go to Wicked with you.”
“Thanks but I’m not going to Wicked.”
“What? I’m confused.”
“I’m going to see what’s going on. He’s not going to make a fool out of me!”

Jaymi stood outside the house he used to share with Olly. Josh was with him.
“This is ridiculous Jaymi! I feel like a member of the paparazzi!”
“You didn’t have to come! No one asked you!”
“I wasn’t going to let you come on this crazy mission yourself! Why did you break up with him if this was how you were going to react? You really never cease to amaze me!”
“It’s been a week and he’s already going on a date. Did I mean anything to him? Oh did he know him before he broke up with me?! Is that why he really broke up with me?! I’ll kill him if it is!”
“Mate you don’t even know if he is actually going on a date!”
Olly comes out of the house and gets into his car.
“Oh there he is. Scrubbed up to the nines. Not going on a date my hat! Come on, into the car. We’ll have to keep up with him.”
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
“Stop whining. Come on.”
The pair get into the car and begin to follow Olly in his car.
“You still love him, don’t you?”
“No Josh I don’t.”
“Then why are we following him like something out of Hollywood Homicide?”
“Don’t be lecturing me. I don’t need this right now!”
“I’m not lecturing you. I’m trying to understand.”
Jaymi doesn’t reply.
“Jaymi, speak to me.”
“I was alright until I thought that he might be with someone else. Selfish I know but that’s how I felt.”
“Do you want him back?”
“I don’t know. All I know is that I am jealous as hell and I need to know if my suspicions are true. So are you with me or are you not?”
“Of course I’m with you.”
“Thanks Josh.”

More soon! 🙂


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