Union J Album!

I've never wanted to be a sofa so much in all my life!

I’ve never wanted to be a sofa so much in all my life!

This week I have decided to review the debut album by Union J entitled, Union J (Deluxe Edition). I was so excited to hear the album and it didn’t disappoint. So let’s review it song by song. Here goes!

Carry You: Carry You was of course the debut song by the boys and it’s brilliant. It’s catchy, upbeat and not really what you would have expected that they would release for their first single but I’m loving the unconventionality! Jaymi’s voice sounds amazing on both this and the acoustic version which appears later in the album.

Beautiful Life: Beautiful Life was their second single and it wrote by a beautiful man in Nathan Skyes so the title is quite apt. It’s an uplifting ballad with a back story of not worrying if you’re life is more lived through magazines and all your friends are in magazines and that you can make your own reality. It’s kind of inventive Mr. Skyes in a world awash with songs about either love or partying on a Saturday night which are fab but this is fab too. I love JJ’s solo in it.

Loving You Is Easy: This song is their third single and it is written by Jason Derulo. If I didn’t know which song he had wrote I probably wouldn’t have known it was this song. It’s a very good song but it doesn’t sound very Jason Derulo which I’d imagine is what he was going for. I suppose when you’re writing a song for another act you do want it to be more them than you and he found that balance. Josh sounds really amazing on this song. He has a lot of hard notes in it.

Last Goodbye: To be honest this is one of the songs I don’t listen to as much on the album. Of course the lines about leaving a light on and about not been alone tonight send a message to the old ovaries but I don’t love it as a song.

Beethoven: Beethoven is my favourite song by Union J and it is really good on the album but I do prefer the acoustic version which you can find on YouTube. I love this song because as well as pop music I love rock music and while this is essentially a pop song it has an edge to it that is quite rocky. George’s voice lends really well to it because he has the edgiest voice in the band. Josh starts the song well. JJ compliments the other lads well throughout. Jaymi is also amazing on it and singing about “tasting sandalwood on your skin. When it ends I only want to start again.” Really?! What exactly is he trying to do to men and women out there?! Just wait while I control my ovaries! It’s a perfect song in more ways than one!

Head In The Clouds: JJ previously described this as a “curveball” and I’m all for one throwing the odd curveball in but it’s not the best song in the world in my opinion. This song and the acoustic version which I’ll talk about later are the songs I don’t like the most on the album. It’s a song you wouldn’t expect from Union J and to be fair they have a lot of them on the album in Carry You, Loving You Is Easy, Beethoven and Lucky Ones which are fantastic and I love when people do things a bit different but their good different. This isn’t good different in my opinionWhere Are You Now: This is a really good song. I can relate to the lyrics due to an experience in my life. I love the song but sometimes I feel like crying because it reminds me a lot of someone who meant a lot to me but that’s a good thing because songs are supposed to emotionally touch you. I just pick my moment to listen to it!

Save The Last Dance For Me: This is your song to dance to. It’s upbeat and it’s a really good song. I don’t even want to count the amount of times I’ve danced to it because I haven’t got all day to! It’s an awful lot of times. It’s perfect for a club. And it reminds me of a club, pub or party atmosphere. It reminds me of times I’ve been out and had a vodka too many. Although I must admit no one was revolving around me and I certainly wasn’t getting my drinks for free!

Amaze Me: This is a stunning ballad which really showcases Jaymi’s voice in such a beautiful light. It is scary how good of a singer he is. His voice adds such depth to the song. It’s beautiful. It’d be great in a movie. It’s really romantic and about been still amazed by someone you’re a long time with and I’m sure it was very easy for Jaymi to sing because he’s in a long-term relationship with his fiance Olly.

Skyscraper: This would have been their winners’ single if they had won The X Factor. It’s a cover of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper and I’m glad it got included on the album because it is a stunning version. Actually I heard both theirs and Chris’s winners’ singles. (Chris’s was going to be The Reason by) And I preferred both their songs. It’s a pity we didn’t get to hear them both on the final going head-to-head for the title but at least we heard them after. And they were worth the wait.

Carry You (Acoustic Version): Oh my! This is beautiful. It’s so well crafted. It’s stunning. Yes, Carry You definitely works slowed down. Jaymi as I previously mentioned sounds amazing on it but to be fair that boy could probably sing the phonebook and it would be outstanding. The way he constantly just hits really hard notes, I’m in awe as someone who would love to be a singer myself. In awe. Defo.

Head In The Clouds (Acoustic): It’s no better acoustic. Sorry boys!

Where Are You Now (Acoustic): The acoustic version of this is beautiful. It’s a stunningly well-crafted song and it works acoustically or not. Love it and I’m looking forward to it on the tour because it’s supposed to be done really well.

Lucky Ones: I can relate to this song too because I am a geek and it is pretty much a celebration of been a geek or an inbetweener and taking pride in that. With two self-confessed geeks in the band it’s not a surprising choice and in a world obessed by cooldom it’s always great to see geekiness shining in any medium. It’s a really good song too. A good one to dance to.

In other news they look absolutely beautiful on the cover. Do they ever look anything else but handsome though? And I think Jaymi’s dedication to Olly is dead cute while I smile at his dedication to Beyonce and go too true to his dedication to the fans. It reminds me of a quote Mark Feehily from Westlife said on an album years ago. (Now I’m really showing my age! And how long I’ve loved boybands for!) Very wise words gents. Inspirational really.







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