Jaymi Hensley, Olly Marmon and Belle Fanfic!

Little Belle with both Jaymi and Olly.

Little Belle with both Jaymi and Olly.

I decided to do my first fanfic in years for Christmas. I used to write them when I was younger. Markevin, Brothers & Sisters and Kian and Jodi fanfics but it has been a while since I wrote one so I hope it is OK. My fanfic is called Belle’s Christmas and it is about Jaymi Hensley, Olly Marmon and little Belle and is told from Belle’s Point of view. Hope you all enjoy and happy Christmas everyone to you and yours! 🙂

Title: Belle’s Christmas

Disclaimer: I don’t know Union J. What I’m writing is complete fiction.

Belle’s Christmas

Belle’s POV:

As I sat on the wooden chair watching a bit of Corrie I hoped that Olly was cutting my hair correctly. I am in no way questioning his obvious abilities in his profession but a girl is particular with her hair isn’t she? I turn to Olly and ask,
“How is it looking at the back?”
He smiles and tells me gently to stop barking and that the neighbors might complain. I have no idea for the life of me why on earth he says that I am barking. I think I speak perfectly clearly thank you very much!
“Oh my baby is going to look adorable.”, he says excitedly to Jaymi who has just come in with a tin of dog food in his hand.
Oh and that dog food looks rather adorable itself.
“Yeah she is. She’s going to look like a dog version of Beyonce.”, Jaymi smiles.
I’m just glad he didn’t say Lady Gaga. I’m a bit reserved in matters of hair and style. But my dear friend Bey I can take. Not that I have ever met her but I like to pretend we’re besties going shopping and sharing make-up and gossiping about this and that. Oh my days! Aren’t daydreams just the best? I smile to myself as I think of this.
“Did that dog just smile?”, Jaymi asks.
Oh I have been noticed! A leap forward in communication coming to this festive period.
“I don’t think so. Long day’s rehearsals?”, Olly smiles.
No, no, no! I smiled! For crying out loud I smiled!
Jaymi shrugs gently.
“Must be. I could have swore that … It was a long day, yeah. I’ll just go and get this ready for Belle.”, he says indicating to the dog food tin with a gentle movement of his head.
“Cool. I’ll have her ready in time for her dinner.”, Olly replies snipping another piece from the side of my coat.
Jaymi goes into the kitchen and I can hear the clatter of the can opener hit against the dog food tin.
“What did you get her?”, Olly calls.
“Um …”, Jaymi begins clearly checking what the dog food is.
“Are you looking at the label babe?”
“No. Rabbit.”
“He was looking at the label.”, he whispers to me.
I know but rabbit sounds divine. A little gravy on the side with a few slices of ham. Oh glorious!
“All done honey.”
“Oh have you got a mirror?”
“Oh Belle, come on. Stop barking.”
I’m not barking! I am simply asking for a mirror!
Jaymi comes back in with my meat in my dog bowl.
“Oh someone doesn’t like what you’ve done with their hair!”, Jaymi jokes.
No, no, it’s not that. I just need a mirror.
Olly lifts me down off the chair and Jaymi puts the dog bowl beside me.
“Eat up there Belle.”, Jaymi says.
Eat?! Are you serious?! Yes I’m hungry and that meat looks to die for but really?! I haven’t checked my new hair yet!
“Excuse me, does anyone have a mirror on hand? Full-length if applicable. No?”
“She’s been barking a bit today.”, Olly says.
“She has those days, doesn’t she?”
“She certainly does and mostly at grooming time.”
Yes, of course! I like to see what I look like! But nobody is forthcoming with a mirror and I sigh deeply before beginning to eat my dinner.

As I made my way around the backstage area minding my own business I was confronted by Lola who I had not met before.
“Hey you!”, she said quite roughly.
I must admit to been quite taken aback but I kept my composure.
“Oh hello. You must be JJ’s and Caterina’s dog Lola. An absolute delight to meet you.”
“What’s with the posh accent small fry?!”
I didn’t like to point out that she wasn’t too tall herself!
“Oh this is just the way I talk. I studied etiquette at the Royal Academy for Dogs when I was an even younger pup. Those were the days, we used to …”
“Did I ask you for your life story dog?”
“No …”
“No. I didn’t think I did.”
“I just thought that …”
“We could be friends?”
“Well, as a matter of fact yes.”
“Well it ain’t happening squirt.”
“Oh how disappointing. Well I’ll be on my way. I heard sandwiches were arriving.”
“Hey small fry, I’m still talking to you.
“I’m sure if we got to know each other better …”
“I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen dearie.”
“Why ever not?”
“Don’t act all innocent. Jaymi and Olly might think you’re all sweet and innocence darling but I know differently.”
“I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.”
“Arthur sweetie. Arthur.”
“Oh yes George’s dog. He’s a most delightful dog.”
“You and he went walking together last week.”
“Oh yes he was showing me the sights …”
“Back off from Arthur.”
Realisation is slowly dawning on me.
“Oh you and Arthur are involved?”
“We’ve shared a few kisses. That is all as of now. But Christmas is going to be our time and you are not going to spoil it!”
She has stormed off in a little huff before I can say that nothing has happened between Arthur and I and despite him been a devilishly handsome dog I don’t feel that way about him.

I lie on the sofa by the CD player listening to Do They Know It’s Christmas and singing along while thinking what a fabulous Christmas Day this is. I managed to finally catch a reflection of my appearance in the back of the CD. My new stop gap mirror. And I was chuffed to bits I must say. Now what else would make this Christmas Day all the more relaxing. Mmmm. That glass looks rather appealing. It’s a brown liquid which I heard was called lager by Jaymi earlier. I feel a bit offended that I haven’t been offered any. Not that I have not been spoiled with various pieces of ham, chicken and of course the traditional turkey but I haven’t been offered even a sip of that liquid. As I try to formulate a plan to earn myself a drop of the drink my secret mobile phone which was given to me by a fellow Maltese pup and friend Chip for Christmas last year and which I hid in my coat because people are still funny about dogs with mobiles. The world has not realised our level of intelligence yet so we must wait. I waddle to the kitchen and answer the call.
“Hello. Belle Hensley-Marmon speaking.”
“Hi Belle. It’s Lola.”
My neaves and confusion at Lola’s call are colliding together.
“Oh hi Lola. How did you get my number?”
Because I certainly didn’t give it to you!
“Arthur gave me your number.”
Arthur?! Why on earth would Arthur do something like that?! Oh no, he’s one of these dogs who like to have the ladies fighting over him! I should have known!
“Oh did he?”
“Yes. Me and Arthur have had a chat today and we’re on.”
“Oh I am glad to hear that you both reconciled but Lola why are you telling me this?”
“Well because the other day at the show I might have been a little harsh to you.”
You don’t say sweetie!
“Maybe a little honey but it’s alright. We all have our moments.”
“Arthur told me that you two simply went walking and that nothing happened.”
Maybe I have Arthur wrong. He seems to have been charitable enough to defend me against these slurs of trying to take one’s dog.
“That is true.”
“I know that now Belle and to be honest I feel quite foolish and guilty about the other day.”
“Oh honey you shouldn’t feel like that on Christmas day.”
“But I wanted to ring up Belle to say that I am sorry for accusing you in the wrong.”
Yes I have been nothing but honourable, me.
“Oh that is perfectly alright. Let’s just forget the whole entire thing shall we?”
“I’d like that. And maybe we could hang out together for some of Boxing Day?”
Boxing Day could have had a whole other meaning before the phone call!
“Indeed. We should.”
“Oh good. I’ll ring you tomorrow with arrangements.”
“Fabulous Lola.”
“Well Merry Christmas Belle. Tell Olly and Jaymi Merry Christmas from me too.”
“I will Lola dear and Merry Christmas to yourself and tell Caterina, JJ and Princeton Merry Christmas from me too.”
“I will Belle.”
“Well bye dear. It was lovely to hear from you.”
“And you too sweetie. Bye.”
I end the call, place my mobile phone back within my hair and go back into the living-room. Jaymi and Olly are cuddled up on the sofa with that enticing liquid. I hop up beside them playing the sweet dog but I know what my goal is. Before Christmas Day is finished for another whole year I will make sure to get my paws on one of those glasses!


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