Sik Silk Autumn/Winter Collection!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The rose jersey modelled by a hot model!

The new collection for fashion brand Sik Silk for Autumn/Winter is a stunning collection of individual and modern options. Looking at the lookbook has some incredible options such as the rose jersey, the rose jersey-grey the harem pants and the burgundy or red basketball vest for men. Recently Union J’s Jaymi wore the rose jersey for his appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks while his boyfriend hairdresser Olly Marmon has also wore the brand and Rough Copy also sported clothes by the brand while they appeared on this year’s X Factor.

There is also options for women in the form of the zebra jersey, the gym sweat and the hockey jersey.

It is quite urban and that isn’t really a style I generally go for but I do actually like a lot of the pieces. I like interesting, eccentric clothes with massive individuality and expression and urban clothes generally seem all the same bur Sik Silk seems to do something different. There is an individuality with unique elements like the zebra print or the way the roses go across the top of the jerseys or dogtooth and I really like that.

It is an absolutely beautiful and interesting collection and I totally want the gym sweat, the zebra jersey and a female version of the rose jersey and the rose jersey-grey.


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