The X Factor Final 2013! Sam Wins!


The winner Sam Bailey in that fabulous all-in-one outfit!

It was the big one! The final of The X Factor this weekend! Between Luke, Nicholas and Sam.

The final was started by Dermot coming down from the sky while the dancers were dancing. Following this the finalists came onto the stage in a video-type scenario and sang together.

The contestants got a VT from Beyonce saying that the winner will be supporting her on the UK leg of her tour. Good opportunity there!

Then the competition began! Nicholas was on first singing Candy by Robbie Williams and of course he was brilliant in a performance complete with Nicholas coming down from the air in a hot air balloon and been joined by numerous dancers. In his VT he got to go back to Scotland and see his family and perform for all the people there. He wore a tartan scarf in patriotic fashion and Louis wore a tartan scarf and tie in solidarity. There was also two adorable dogs in tartan coats. I was totally awwwwwwing out of me!

Next up was Sam in an incredible blue all-in-one outfit with silver lining which me, mum and my sis loved. She sang one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists the eccentric and fabulous Lady Gaga The Edge of Glory. I thought it was inbetween and she forgot some of the words but the final is a lot of pressure and she recovered quickly. She also did well coming down the pole. In her VT she got to go home to Leicester to see her family and perform for the people there. At one point she sang a bit of karaoke with Mrs. O!

Last up in round 1 was Luke singing Fun featuring Janelle Monae’s We Are Young. The verses were a bit not great but the chorus was brilliant. He also performed it brilliantly complete with a bus to stand on. He looked like a proper rocker and his outfit was fab! In his VT he got to go home to Devon and see his family and perform there for the people.

Before round 2 we got to see the memories from the show this season while the beautiful Tom Odell performed brilliantly. Seeing Sam Callahan in the VT was a highlight!

Round 2 was the exciting duets round! Love this every year! If on an alternate universe if I made the final of The X Factor I would love to sing with Jaymi Hensley. The only problem is that he would totally outsing me! But less of my dreaming and onto the real duets which took place! First up was Luke singing with Ellie Goulding complete with guitars to Anything Could Happen. It was brilliant and I’m pretty sure Luke had a little crush on Ellie!

Next up was Nicholas singing with our Shane Filan. Shane of course always believed in Nicholas from judges’s houses and it was nice to see him singing with him on the final because of that. They sang the Westlife hit Flying Without Wings which brings me back to when I was a kid watching the first video Westlife did. Yes video! Old eh?! They sang it brilliantly. Well done Shane, you did Ireland proud at the final and you and Nicholas did fab!

The final duet was Sam singing with The X Factor’s own Nicole Scherzinger. They sang Jennifer Hudson’s And I’m Telling You. I thought the duet was inbetween. I felt that Nicole was brilliant and Sam struggled to keep up with her but she tried and it wasn’t bad.

Next was the fab moment when we got to see a VT of the former fun acts on The X Factor over the years. Then 7 of them came back to perform. Kitty Brucknell arrived to start the performance on a disco ball. The other performers were the fabulously amazing Diva Fever, our fantantic Jeward, Rylan, Wagner, Johnny Robinson and 2Shoes. So much fun and fabulous! I absolutely loved that section in the show!

Then we had another section I loved when The Killers performed Human and Mr. Brightside. I am one of their biggest fans. I love them! They were brilliant and Brandon Flowers was such a babe as usual!

The result followed and first Sam made the next stage of the final leaving it between Luke and Nicholas for the second and final spot which Nicholas got.

Hard luck to Luke but he is going to do brilliant and he done really really well to get this far! Well done Luke!

I was then for Nicholas but I hoped the final night would go brilliantly for them both.

The second night we had brilliant performances from the One Direction lads, Katy Perry and Gary Barlow and Elton John. We also had a VT about the judges’ journey on the show this year. The two finalists sang their favourite song from the series. Nicholas sang Angel while Sam sang The Power of Love. The pair then sang what would be their winning singles. Nicholas sang while Sam sang Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. Then came the exciting result.

The winner was announced as Sam Bailey and Dermot said that she had received over 1 million votes. Then Sam sang her winning single again and the other finalists all ran out onto the stage in traditional X Factor style. Well done Sam! Best of luck in the future!

Hard luck Nicholas but like Luke he is going to do brilliant and he did really really well to get so far and be the runner-up! Well done Nicholas!

So another year draws to a close and we have our tenth winner Sam and Mrs. O has won for the first time. Congrats to them both on their win. Congrats also to Louis on getting two acts to the final. We’re proud of you in Ireland! And your tartan trousers were fab Louis!

Now I’m off to put in my application for next year. Olly in the ad is giving me huge hope because he was 25 when he became the runner-up and I’m going to be 24 or almost 24 anyway when I audition. Then again I can’t sing like him but we’ll give it a go and see if an ‘ole one from Ireland can be the eleventh winner! Doubt it but if you don’t try you’ll never know so here goes!