I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Now! My Highlights!

The gorgeous Rob Beckett!

The gorgeous Rob Beckett!

After the main show I watched I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Now! And I thought it would be a good blog if I gave my top 5 moments from the show this year so enjoy and reminisce with the moments of a fellow nerd who also watches the after shows!

Moment 1: I think my favourite moment has to be the pet VTs that people send in. There was a grumpy darling of a cat doing the I’m A Celeb call and he was a personal favourite but all the pets were fabulous and I was so happy for that other cat Emily when she won the award on the final show for the best I’m A Celeb call! Well done Emily!

Moment 2: The Celebs on the panel were great this year. I am a fan of quite a few of them like Andy Brown, John Partridge, Matt Johnson, Denise Van Outen and of course our own Brian McFadden. Who can forget Matt Johnson shaking his glorious bottom to that sexy bum song that was sent in? Or Andy Brown beating Joe Swash and Denise Van Outen in the challenge or doing Kian’s challenge? Or John Partridge making the unforgettable comment that he wouldn’t chose to do the eating trial because he could put balls in his mouth in the comfort of his own living-room anytime he wanted? Also loved when they would talk to the celebs on the TV because I was a fan of a lot of them too! Good year! I’m a fan of Bobby Cole Norris, Ashley Roberts and of course our very own Shane Filan.

Moment 3: The banter with the presenters. Our very own Laura Whitmore done a great job with former king of the jungle Joe Swash and the very hot Rob Beckett again this year. Who can forget them doing the Carlton dance? Or Joe knocking Rob out with the ball? Or Rob pretending to go into the jungle and been brought out by the security?

Moment 4: The interviews with the celebs when they had left the jungle. Especially Joey, David and Vincent and of course King Kian!

Moment 5: The Sexy Bum song. It was really good!

So there you have it. My top 5 moments this year! Hope it brings back memories!


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