I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Highlights Week 3! Kian Wins!

The happy couple Kian and Jodi!

The happy couple Kian and Jodi!

The king of the jungle Kian Egan!

The king of the jungle Kian Egan!

Hi all! So we seen Kian been crowned King of the jungle but it has been an eventful week to get to this point. And it has been a week of betting for me and the family with reasonably good results! Read on for your jungle highlights for the final week of I’m A Celeb 2013!


The cruelty towards Amy continues. Couldn’t stand that.

The campmates do the immunity challenge and Matthew wins immunity from the first vote off.

Lucy and Steve do the Dingo Dollar challenge with Steve been hung up in the air in a net.

Annabel becomes the first campmate to be voted out. She chooses Joey or Kian to win.


Laila does the trial and gets all the stars.

Laila is voted out. She chooses Kian to win and my mum and sister win a bit of cash in the bookies on her going out. Yay!


Steve did the challenge and falls over before he begins. One of the funniest moments of the series!

Vincent and Kian do the Dingo Dollar challenge with Vincent in a funny, colourful outfit.

Tuesday seen the first double eviction and Vincent and Matthew were the two campmates to leave. Vincent chose Joey to win while Matthew stuck with Kian. And it was another good night on the betting front. I like Vincent but I thought he might go so I did a bet on him.


Kian and Alfonso do the challenge and get all 8 stars.

The camp all get letters from home.

Wednesday saw us win more money as Steve Davis exited the jungle.


Next to leave was Alfonso and Rebecca.

The celebrities play a quiz for a night in the jacuzzi with champagne and Kian and Alfonso do a challenge for the strawberries and chocolate where they almost kiss. They all win except Lucy and Rebecca.

Amy does the trial and gets 7 out of 8 stars.

Joey and Alfonso do the Dingo Dollar challenge dressed as cockroaches.


Betsy has more contraband that has to be given up! Betsy needs to go in next year!

All the celebrities win their phone call for finding the number in the jungle in time but Kian doesn’t sadly.

David and Amy do the Dingo Dollar challenge transferring coins in a box into a bag. Sadly the camp get the question wrong.

The celebrities do Celebrity Cyclone!

Leaving tonight was Joey and Amy. It was a major shock that Joey left.


Kian and David talk fashion and Kian reveals that Simon Cowell went all out for Westlife’s wardrobe so they had better clothes than Boyzone.

The final three take part in the trial where Kian is put in with his “buddies” rats, David with snakes including this large one that up his shorts and Lucy with a large lizard which she called Mike.

They take part in a quiz to win the treats they lost in the Dingo Dollar Challenges where they must pick the right former campmate to answer a question on general knowledge.

David admits that he thought the show was staged.

Leaving in 3rd place was Lucy.


Kian and David do the eating trial and have meals such as a pig testicle and a fish eye. They get all the meals.

Kian is crowned king of the jungle. By the end him, Joey and David were my fave campmates with Vincent next to them so I was delighted for Kian. Well done to him! First Irish winner! We’re all proud of you in Ireland boy! He met his wife Jodi on the bridge and got emotional. It was so sweet and romantic.


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