I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Highlights Week 2!

Kian and Joey decide who such be immune from the first vote-off

Kian and Joey decide who such be immune from the first vote-off

My next 2 fave campmates to Kian and Joey have a dance together

My next 2 fave campmates to Kian and Joey have a dance together

Kian has a swim

Kian has a swim

Joey looking hot doing the live trial!

Joey looking hot doing the live trial!

Vincent looking hot and showing off that fine bottom of his!

Vincent looking hot and showing off that fine bottom of his!

Hi all! Here is the highlights from week two of the jungle:


Joey does the trial in a cave with rats after my own heart. (Nibbling away! Those guys and gals know a good-looking man when they see one too!) and gets 8 stars.

Joey does the live trial Critters Got Talent. I was sad because I was supposed to go and try out for BGT on Sunday and I couldn’t get to the audition! I was like not tonight of all nights! But outside of that I completely enjoyed the trial. Alfonso was his assistant with some of the trials. Joey got 10 stars. And I got Gangnam Style when he did it and Shar got God Save The Queen and we all got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Loved him attempting to sing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. And Thriller was fab too.

Alfonso gets a bit down and David comforts him.

Vincent walks around in short pants. So hot!

The camps are put in 4 teams to win a luxury night in a villa while the 3 losing teams are put on a bus of horrors. In the first round Kian, Mo and team captain Steve beat Lucy, Alfonso and team captain Vincent.


Vincent says he wishes his penis was longer. Didn’t look that small yesterday babe. Don’t worry yourself! He says Alfonso doesn’t have that problem.

David says that he thinks style is not a fixed thing and that it is whatever you like yourself and I have always agreed with him and it’s great to see someone with his reputation in fashion saying that.

Vincent dances with David and Annabel in his short pants. Oh keep this up Vincent! Please do! Talk turns to who has the best ass amongst the males in the camp. Annabel says Vincent does while Steve lets them know that he won arse of the year back in his day. Alfonso says that they don’t know what he is like in his pants and Kian tells them he has a great ass.


Show not on due to football match.


David and his team Rebecca and Matthew win their semi-final for the villa final against Amy and her team Joey and Annabel.

Kian gets 9 stars in the cave challenge.

Vincent dances with Amy.

Kian, Mo and Steve win the night of luxury in the villa and the next day Kian’s wife, Steve’s girlfriend and Mo’s sister come to see them. They also give messages from the loved ones of their other campmates.

The other campmates have to survive the night of terror on the bus.


Kian and Joey become the camp saviours following the public vote.

Lucy got 8 stars in the limo challenge.


Rebecca gets 10 stars in the water challenge but is almost stopped by a persistent mud crab. David had wanted to do the challenge.

Alfonso and Matthew have a row over how many days it says on their contract that they have to stay in the jungle.

Joey and Kian do a memory challenge and Joey despite saying he has a bad memory proves himself wrong by getting 22 out of 25 right. Kian gets 18 right. They save Mo for immunity but she isn’t happy about it as she wanted to go.

Joey and Kian discuss Towie and Westlife. Kian and Jodi watch Towie.

Joey and Kian pick Amy to be a camp saviour with them.

David, Vincent and Alfonso agree to look out for Amy with some of the other girls’ jealousy of her beauty.

Vincent and Steve discuss their bums.

On one of the days but I can’t remember which now Union J’s Carry You was played over the show for a few seconds and I thought that was fab!Talk to you all next week with more highlights!


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