JJ Hamblett and Caterina Lopez Become Parents!

The happy couple while Caterina was pregnant

The happy couple while Caterina was pregnant

Union J singer JJ Hamblett and his model girlfriend Caterina Lopez have become parents for the first time today to a baby boy called Princeton J. Alexander. Hamblett shared their big news with fans on Twitter, posting happily within an hour of the baby’s birth. JJ announced: ‘Its official at 9 30am today I became a Daddy The healthy little boy has arrived at a weight of 6lb!!!!! soooo happy right now :)))) xx’.

Lopez went into labour on Wednesday and JJ posted an update for his fans while they waited for their son to come into the world:
‘AND NOW WE WAIT!!! :-))))))) x … NOT LONG NOW!!!!!! Sooooooo excited :))))) xxx ‘, he tweeted during the night.

Following his announcement of the birth, Both proud parents went back on Twitter to post the first photograph of little Princeton, with a pic of their son’s tiny feet captioned with his name. Lopez also put Mother up on her profile.

Hamblett’s brother Ashley tweeted about their sister Otea becoming an aunt while Hamblett and Lopez have received many congratulatory messages since the news was announced including messages from his Union J bandmates Josh Cuthbert, George Shelley and Jaymi Hensley as well as Hensley’s boyfriend Olly Marmon and contestants who were on The X Factor the same year as Union J such as Christopher Maloney, Rylan Clark and Ella Henderson.

Love the name and congrats to both of them on the birth of the baby. Happy parenthood guys! 🙂

Ashley Hamblett: Otea is going to be an aunt.. Aunt Otea sounds a bit weird to me, but cute. x x #haha 🙂

Josh Cuthbert: ‘SOOO HAPPY for JJ and Cat!! Its an amazing day and couldnt happen to 2 more amazing people. Chuffed to bits. The baby is gonna be beautiful.

George Shelley: ‘Congratulations JJ and Cat! New little one in the family now so proud of you both! I’m not the youngest member anymore!! Haha Love You!’

Jaymi Hensley: @JJUJWorld is a Dad whoooop uncle Jaymi xxx

Olly Marmon: Congratulations to my good friends @JJUJWorld @mscaterinalopez at the arrival of they’re little babyboy!! So happy for you! Xxxx

Rylan Clark: Congrats to my beautiful @JJUJWorld and Cat on the birth of our little XF baby! Can’t wait to meet you Princeton xx pic.twitter.com/xhIGW0hz2j

Christopher Maloney: Just had a phone call @JJUJWorld Congratulations JJ and Cat! New little one in the family so proud of you both! Haha #unclechris whoop! X

Ella Henderson: ‘Congratulations @JJUJWorld & @mscaterinalopez on your baby boy! Auntie Ella volunteers for babysitting ☝️ !! Xx’


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