X Factor Live Show 6!

The X Factor was 10 this week! I was 13 back then! So it was fitting that the show was opened by the runner-up from season 6 the fabulous Olly Murs singing his new single Hand on Heart who was brilliant as always. The theme was Winner’s singles and No. 1S from former X Factor contestants.

First up this week was Nicholas who was 17 today! Happy Birthday Nicholas! He sang The Climb by the amazing Joe McElderry. Nicholas revealed that he and his family used to vote every week for Joe when he was on the show. Joe came to the house to meet Nicholas and to give him some advice. I was so jealous! I’m a huge Joe McElderry fan!He looks as gorgeous as ever! He told Nicholas that he reminded him of him when he was on the show and advised Nicholas that he could do some ad libs after the key change and said how it had been great to get to give advice to Nicholas like people had done for him when he was on the show. He’s so nice! Love him! Nicholas sang also this week at a Scotland International football match which must have been a great honour for him been Scottish. If it was an Ireland match with me I’d be dead chuffed! He opened the show with The Climb while standing on a raised circle. He was fabulous as always. It’s effortless really. A cake was made for him of him singing on the stage and the judges were there. It was so sweet!

Next up was Hannah looking stunning in a gold dress singing Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke. Alexandra also met and mentored Hannah. Hannah said that she was a fan of Alexandra’s. Alexandra got emotional when she sang the song and told her that she was going to be fine. Hannah was amazing singing the song. Absolutely amazing!

Third was the second of Louis’s boys Luke. He met and was mentored by Shayne Ward. My best friend was such a Shayne Ward fan. He said how it was about time one of Louis’s boys won again. Luke also got a tweet from Adele which Nicholas showed him after the show last Sunday. It was so sweet seeing him cheering his friend up showing him the tweet. True friends are for each other like that. Luke sang One Direction’s That’s What Makes You Beautiful in his own edgy style and it was fantastic. Performance of the night in my opinion.

Next up was Rough Copy. The boys met and were mentored this week by Little Mix and went to the fairground with Gary as well as going to his gig. Joey was so scared of the rides and ended up on the merry-go-round. He cracked me up! Little Mix loved how they were bringing urban back into their performance. The boys were brilliant this week singing En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go (Love) which Little Mix made their own on the show. It wasn’t quite the theme but it was very good.

Fourth up was Tamera. She met and was mentored by Olly Murs who she admitted that her granny loved. Olly was lovely and gave great advice. She sang James Arthur’s Impossible. She forgot her words twice and it just wasn’t great.

Closing the show was Sam Bailey singing Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love. Leona came in to meet and mentor Sam this week. Leona’s new hair is amazing and really suits her. She told Sam that she would need to put her own stamp on the song. She was lovely. Sam closed the show dedicating the song to her daughter who is a huge Leona Lewis fan and that was really sweet. I didn’t think it was the best performance though.

This week many of the former X Factor contestants were back! Which for an X Factor nerd it was bliss! Stars which came back included Chico, Amelia Lily, Shayne Ward, Rylan Clark, Olly Murs, Ashwin Abinash, Robert Unwin and 2 Shoes and there was a look back of the judges over the years. Also loved hearing a bit of Carry You during the final!

The results show saw the fantantic JLS boys do a performance with the remaining six finalists as well as a performance by the fab One Direction. Aston looked so hot in the trousers and I love Louis’s new rough look. So hot! Also we had a stunning perdormance from Mary J Blige and Jessie J to get us all into the Christmas spirit early.
Sadly this week we lost Hannah from the competition. She was in the bottom 2 with Rough Copy and Gary and Nicole chose to save their own acts while Sharon and Louis chose to save Rough Copy. It was a brilliant sing-off.

I felt very sorry for Hannah because she really did not deserve to go. But I’m sure she will have a fantastic future in music and I wish her all the best. I also didn’t think Rough Copy should have been in the bottom 2.

Next week is the first time that the acts will sing 2 songs this season and the themes are a song by their hero and one picked from three songs they put up on The X Factor app by the public. At this stage of the competition I am completely for Luke Friend. His performances on the live shows have been outstanding and I would buy his album. But I do like Nicholas and Rough Copy too. And obviously as a person who loves music and singing and understands how hard it is to brave it out and perform to people I wish them all the best.


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