Union J’s JJ Hamblett Lends His Support to Alzheimer’s Research UK!

JJ and his little star Lola

JJ and his little star Lola

JJ with his equally kind-hearted father and the Alzheimer's Research UK cups

JJ with his equally kind-hearted father and the Alzheimer’s Research UK cups

Kind-hearted Union J member JJ Hamblett is helping Alzheimer’s Research UK and is hoping to raise awareness amongst his many fans. Hamblett said he got involved with the cause because he found it “heartbreaking when you hear of the pain the families affected by Alzheimer’s go through. Scientists are looking for a cure. I really feel for these families and just want to do all I can to help.”

He said how he wanted to raise awareness amongst his fans that Alzheimer’s can affect anyone young or old and said that a lot of their fans have family members who are affected by Alzheimer’s.

He said he hasn’t been affected by the illness on a personal level but said his equally kind-hearted mother works as a social worker and works with people who have Alzheimer’s. He has been working with the charity for five or six months and said, “My mum is so proud I’m involved. The research they are doing is incredible. They are trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s which tears people’s lives apart. I want my son to be aware of it, and all of our fans too to spread the word. It’s not just about being famous, but helping people. Hopefully they will find a cure.”

Asked if becoming a dad makes him want to do more Hamblett said, “It’s such a sad, sad thing not being able to remember your kids. I’m about to become a dad too, and the thought of me not one day recognising my family because of Alzheimer’s scares me. It breaks my heart. That’s what so many families are going through. Hearing their stories and their struggles has brought tears to my eyes. I want my kid to be aware of the situation too.”

Hamblett is also helped in the promotion by his very adorable dog who is a pug called Lola. Such a little star!

Best of luck JJ and Lola in your very important quest. I hope it goes amazing for you both!

For more information on the cause go to http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org


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