I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Highlights

I have decided to do these I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! Blogs weekly putting in the highlights from each week.


Steve Davis, Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso and Joey Essex (Totally beautiful man!) arrived first and were put on a boat and took out to sea where they met Ant & Dec who told them that the rest of the contestants were stranded on an island and they had to save them and pick celebrities to join their teams after they were put on the red team: Joey and Steve otherwise Team Essex as their both from Essex and the yellow team: Lucy and Alfonso. The winning team would get to stay on a new island while the losing team would be left on the stranded island. But first all four had to jump out of a plane. I would love and hate to do that! It would be a great thrill I’d imagine but I always think the one time I’d decide to do it something would go wrong! Or possibly there would be no problems but I’d have a heart attack on the way down. It was 8,000 ft up! Oh my god! Joey screamed half the way down. I probably would have screamed the whole way down so I can’t judge!
The two teams then had to race each other to checkpoints to get a choice of two celebrities (Didn’t that remind anyone of sports teams been picked at school?! Bad memories!) Joey wanted to get to the checkpoints first “to pick fit birds”. And he got his wish. The red team were ahead the whole way. Their first choice was between our very own Kian Egan, former Westlife member and The Voice of Ireland judge and Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington. The red team picked Rebecca because Steve felt as a sportsperson she would be fitter. Kian and Rebecca met before the red team picked and she told him she had been a huge Westlife fan growing up and had been to many of their concerts. Kian joked the red team, “Enjoy your last night of luxury.” Next the red team had to choose between Miss Universe GB Amy Willerton and presenter Matthew Wright. As before the two met. Joey said that he was thinking of what was best for the team by picking Amy. Don’t you mean best for you Mr. Essex?! Hehe! He described Amy as “a proper sort.” So proud of Kian because he began to ensure the yellow team was catching up. Designer David Emanuel who worked with Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna and Joan Collins as well as designing Princess Diana’s wedding dress and former Eastenders star Laila Morse were next. I would love to sit down and talk to David about his career. Such a great career he’s had. As before both met. The red team picked Laila. Sadly all Kian’s running was not enough as the red team reached the bell and the boat first so they were going to get the dinner on the boat while the yellow team were sent straight into the jungle. Kian rang the bell even though they lost.
Kian got a tic in his arm and Doctor Bob made his first appearance. I love Doctor Bob! Kian was so brave with the tic.
Joey said his biggest fear in the jungle was not having enough product for his hair and it going “wavy”.
Kian said he wasn’t scared to eat anything. He said, “Put it in my mouth. Chew and Shallow.”
The celebrities were brought on helicopters to the jungle where they faced a bucktucker trial to decide who got the best camp Croc Creek and who got the bad camp Snake Rock. They were all put on a wheel and whoever stopped at the boxes was against each other for the challenge. They then were put into the transparent boxes where a creature chosen by a spinning wheel was dropped in on top oif them. The person who made a star out of the broken pieces was the winner. David and Laila were first with cockroaches. David won. 1-0 to the yellow team. Next up was Matthew and Amy with Snakes. The yellow team went 2-0 up with Matthew winning. Third was Kian vs. Rebecca with rats been included. Kian said to the rat, “Hey buddy”. There was also a rat chewing his beard. Kian won with Rebecca thanking him by saying, “Kian, thank you so much for been so quick.” Now the yellow team went 3-0 up. Next up was Alfonso vs. Steve with Scorpions. Alfonso won. 4-0. Kian suggested they let the reds get the last one as they were still playing for meals despite the fact that from when they went 3-0 up the yellow team had the best camp. Joey and Charley had lizards in with them. So it ended 4-1. A lizard was biting Joey’s trousers.
The Snake Rock camp struggled to light the fire. Joey prayed. In the end Rebecca came up with the idea of using her tampon to light the fire with and it worked.
There was a storm in which the very clever Lucy and the equally clever David sheltered in the phonebox there. I’d run in there too!
The first two picked for the bushtucker trail Monday Takeaway were Matthew and Joey.


Laila reveals that sex has been slimming for her.
Joey and Matthew take on each other in the first bushtucker trial. After eating a feast (Sarcasm ain’t dead!) which consisted of camel toe and turkey testicles and the two brave souls ate all five dishes we went to a tiebreaker which Joey won.
Rebecca revealed that she peed in the pool as a swimmer. Laila says, what if someone needed a dump. She is fast becoming the comideienne of the camp! Steve pretends that he has peed in the forest pool. Rebecca falls for it.
Amy teaches Joey the time on a round clock as he only knows how to tell digital time.


Joey and Matthew go head to head once more in the challenge up to your neck in it. Again they both finish the challenge but in the tiebreaker Joey wins again by 1 second in a tiebreaker estimating 60 seconds. Oh poor Matthew!
The camps take each other on in challenges. First up is Laila and Steve versus David and Lucy in the mental challenge. As Steve had played the game before when he was a kid Croc Creek won and got jam and bread.
Next up was Matthew versus Amy in the memory challege. Matthew wanted to quit the challenge as it was an overnight challenge but Lucy wanted her pillow because it had photos of her loved ones on it. He won the pillow and each of them won and lost different peoples’ luxury items.
In the physical challenge Kian and Alfonso took on Joey and Rebecca. Rebecca and Alfonso lost and it was between Kian and Joey with Joey struggling and Kian as cool as a cucumber saying “You seen to be struggling a bit there bruv?” and “I’ve got a good 10 minutes left in me.” It was so funny and in the end Kian won.
Joey says he never learned how to blow his nose.


The camps merge and Joey faces the bucktucker trial Submerged. See what I did there! He gets 7 stars and faces a baby crocodile!
Kian and Joey sing together.
Sparks start to fly between Amy and Rebecca. Kian and Alfonso notice this. Lucy, Rebecca and Amy later get into a debate about beauty in the fashion industry.
David and Steve do the first treasure chest and are very funny. They win marshmallows.


Amy does the trial and gets 7 stars.
Amy and Rebecca make up.
Kian and Matthew do the second treasure chest and win crisps.
Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles enter the jungle and do their first trial.


Vincent and Annabel do their second trial. They have to hold creepy crawlies in their mouths. The camp rightly predict that Vincent will win the challenge and he comes in with food. Annabel is sent to a prison in the forest.
Vincent asks Lucy if she has Italian in her. She says she doesn’t. He asks her if she’d like a bit of Italian in her. She says she already has a big portion of Italian at home.
Joey and Alfonso go and do a quiz and get Annabel out of the jail. She now joins the camp.
Kian and Laila have a bit of a tiff over the cooking.
Alfonso and Vincent’s bromance begins and they talk about how they both recently became fathers.

So there you go. More I’m A Celeb action next week!


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