Glamour Hair And Beauty In Bray!

Last Wednesady I had my first appointment with Glamour Hair And Beauty in Bray since I started this blog. They are a fabulous hair and beauty salon with really family staff. The salon itself is always kept looking really stylish.

I had a cut, wash and blow dry to my hair which was in need of a fixing up. It gets long quite fast. I think it’s because it’s used to growing because I love long hair but I could be wrong!

The lad who did my hair was really nice and did a great job. He layered it as well. It turned out to be the best hairstyle I have had. It was so unique, fun and young. I am only 23 after all!

The perfect thing now would be to add a pic of my hairstyle but as I am a working-class girl who doesn’t own a digital camera (They are expensive enough!) I can’t! But if I can get a lend of one or find a net café with one soon I will add a pic. But trust me it was done well and I recommend the salon highly!


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