The New Jolly Dog! (Warning: This Post Contains An Adorable Dog, Prepare To Melt!)


Dogs make me go “Aw”, “Aw”, “Aw, Aw.” So there was a lot of that from both me and my sister but mainly me as we looked at the new addition to the Jolly household Belle. And for anyone who isn’t a Union J fan that’s Jaymi’s and his boyfriend Olly’s names together.


The little white fluff ball is also the latest Union J dog/pet. Jaymi tweeted on Saturday about the little angel, “This is Belle out new edition to the jolly family @Olly9191” along with a sweet pic of Belle with him.


Olly has posted a lot of tweets about her and pics and it brings me back to me with my own dog who I had for 12 years Cookie (I was young when I got him and I like biscuits! Don’t judge!) and I would photograph that poor dog with disposable cameras like he was a model. I’m sure in his head he thought where’s my cheque?! One of his tweets reads, “My new puppy!! Thankyou Jaymi!!! Love you xxx”

She is a dote and I am guessing that her favourite song from the boys will probably be Beethoven. Something I’ll share in common with her! So now I am going to post a pic of Belle, the little toy Maltese with Jaymi so that you can all go “Aw” too!



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