X Factor Live Show Week 6!

The sixth live show of this year’s X Factor was the best of British theme. I love a lot of British acts so I knew this week was going to be a great week!

Hannah sang I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. She sang it really well and rocked the monochorme look which is very on-trend! My dad loved The Rolling Stones and I love them too.

Luke sang Your Song by Elton John. A really difficult song to sing but he sang it really well. I love the song and I love Elton John. Everything was perfect from the perfomance to the styling to the the graphics. He also met Seal this week who tweeted him and asked him along to his recording studio. I love Seal. Also Louis and the three boys went to the ice-rink this week with Louis wearing a blue wooly hat which the boys gave to him. I would love that. On a side note my mum noticed that Luke’s shirt had the same colour in it as a dress she is wearing to a wedding later in the month.

Sam Bailey sang Something In The Way She Moves by The Beatles this week. She didn’t know the song. I love The Beatles. I’m currently reading a book on John Lennon’s life by the amazing writer Philip Norman. She sang it really well. Sam also met Celine Dion last week. My mum liked her dress. Fashion night with mum part two! Hehe!

Rough Copy were next up with Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. Love Coldplay and it is a really hard song. It wasn’t their best performance. I liked their outfits though and the fire things.

Sam Callahan was next. He sang Faith by George Michael. I love Wham and George Michael. I currently have George Michael Twenty Five out of the library at the moment. The poor man in the library took ages to try to find it. I knew what he was singing the second it started! He didn’t get the guitar bit quite right but after that he was very good. The choregraphy and performance was fab and he rocked the monochrome look!

Tamera was up next. She was originally going to sing Queen’s Bohimien Rapsody because she felt the message was too dark. But changed it to Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey. Love both songs and acts. My sister is always going around the house singing that song. She missed a lyric. I didn’t think she sang it well.

Nicholas ended the show tonight with Adele’s Someone Like You. I think Adele is brilliant. Well I did say that I liked a lot of British acts. You had been warned! He sang it really well.

The results show saw the final seven finalists sing Never Forget by Take That. We also had fab performances by Miley Cyrus singing Wrecking Ball with a mountain as the staging and from Gary Barlow singing Let Me Go. Also Dermot said hi to The Backstreet Boys who were in the crowd and who performed on The Xtra Factor. Brian is still looking as beautiful as ever!

The two acts that finished in the bottom two this week were two of Louis’s acts Luke Friend and Sam Callahan. Luke sang U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For while Sam sang one of my favourite song The Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris. Louis chose to abstain from the vote while Nicole, Gary and Sharon chose to save Luke. So this week we lost Sam Callahan from the competition. I was so sad for him because I’ve become a huge fan of his throughout the competition. But I like Luke too so it was a horrible sing-off for me this week. Best of luck in the future Sam from a Callafan!

Next week’s theme is songs from the winners to celebrate that The X Factor is 10 years old. Hoping someone sings a bit of Joe McElderry. Love his music. And of course When You Believe by Leon Jackson.


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