The X Factor Live Shows Week 5!

This week was Big Band Week on The X Factor! With the fantastic live orchestra making it all the more challenging!

First to face the challenge was Abi singing her dad’s favourite song That’s Life by Big Band legend Frank Sinatra. She went for a meal with her dad this week. Their relationship is so sweet and it’s obvious they are very close. I thought the performance was inbetween. To use a qoute of Louis’s I liked it. I didn’t love it. But I think Abi is brilliant and I wanted her to get through.

Second up was powerhouse vocalist Sam Bailey singing New York, New York also by Frank Sinatra. She was visited at the house this week by Michael Bolton who has been tweeting her. Sam admitted to been a fan of his so it was exciting for her. He showed her a video of him singing the song she sung this week and gave her some tips. She also sung for him. I was imagining myself in the show and Jaymi Hensley doing that. Daydreams, daydreams, daydreams! I thought Sam was effortless singing the song. There was one note that wasn’t great but still, it didn’t really matter.

Next up was Nicholas singing Mama Cass’s Dream a Little Dream of Me. I love the song though I have to admitt that I don’t really consider it Big Band Music. But that aside Nicholas’s vocal on it was stunning. The kid’s voice is effortless and it isn’t an easy song either. Mama Cass had one of the best, most unique vocals in music history in my opinion.

Fourth up was the second of Louis’s boys Luke. And I didn’t get the hat-trick of predictions! Luke sang Van Morrison’s Moondance. There was two notes not great but outside of that I think he done well with another hard song. Loved the styling, choregraphy and staging. And the Irish influence!

Next up was Hannah singing James Brown’s A Man’s World. She told how her dad who died seven years ago was a huge fan of Big Band Music. I loved her outfit. It looked fab on Hannah. I especially loved her hat because I love them kind of hats. I’m a hat fanatic and have far too many! It drives my mum mad! I thought Hannah singing the song was inbetween though but she performed it amazing and I loved the graphics at the back.

Rough Copy were amazing! The boys sang Hit The Road Jack. They did a brilliant version arranged by both them and Gary. They really modernised the Big Band Music.

Tamera was next up. She sang Michael Buble’s Cry Me A River in a stunning black dress. It was very good.

Sam Callahan closed the show tonight. Just when I thought my pychic powers were gone he sings Ain’t That A Kick In the Head! I had been chatting to my sister about what Sam might sing this week and I thought of this one because Westlife had did it and he’s in their genre and he sang it really well. I loved how Sam performed it, the styling, the graphics, the staging and the choregraphy. Sam said in his VT how he loved Big Band Music since he was 13 and in his VT also we seeen Simon Cowell deliver the news that the last 8 will all be on the tour.

On the results show we had amazing performances from the remaining eight finalists, Celine Dion and Robbie Williams. Dion wore a beautiful simple black dress with the fab background of a love heart on fire for her new single. For Williams’s performance Luke Friend’s boat made a return from the second week in a bigger version while he wore a ship captain’s outfit and a fab microphone and wasn’t it all rather fantastic?! Louis even put on a sailor’s hat. So fun.

Then we got to the results. The two acts finishing in the bottom two this week were two of Nicole’s girls Abi and Tamera. Abi sung Ed Sheerin’s Lego House while Hannah sung Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Nicole abstained from the vote while the other three judges chose to save Hannah.
So this week we bid farewell to Abi but she has the tour and her voice is like a lot of acts in the charts right now so I think she’s going to do really well. Best of luck Abi!

Next week is Best of British week. I think Sam Callahan should sing Breathe Easy by Blue. He told me on Twitter (Yes we’re best pals! No, not really!) that he would most like to do a cover of that song when I asked him which song he would most like to do a cover of. So roll on a bit of Blue …


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