15 Halloween Films To Enjoy!

Let’s be honest we all love a good scare, don’t we?! It’s the reason horror films do so well at the box office after all! And with Halloween looming it is the perfect excuse to kick back and watch a good scary film. But with so much out there where does one begin? I have decided to compile fifteen gems for you all to check out. Happy viewing!  

Hocus Pocus   Perfect for all the family! I remember I used to watch this movie over and over when I was younger. It’s just so well-written and it stars the fabulous Bette Middler as the head witch.  

Halloween   Halloween is an absolute classic horror film starring a young Jaime Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. The villain is Michael Myers who has killed his sister and been put in the hospital at Smith’s Grove. Now he has escaped and is out to kill again!

Halloween 2   I had two reasons for watching this film: I loved the first and I fancy Josh Hartnett! Hartnett plays the returning Lee’s son in the second film where Lee’s character is now gone older. And Mike Myers is back again!  

The Raven   John Cusack is a fantastic actor and is actually one of my mum’s favourite actors. The story goes that someone is influenced by Edgar Allen Poe’s works to kill and Poe and a detective join forces to catch the villain and put a stop to the murders.  

Retreat   Retreat is more a thriller than a horror but it is still rather scary! It stars Naomi Harris and Cillian Murphy as married couple who take in Bell’s character who is ill with his face covered in blood. I won’t tell you the story but the twist is surprising.

 30 Days of Night   Did I mention I fancied Josh Hartnett?! Well in this film he stars as. The story goes that a town is attacked by a group of vampires out for blood.  

The Shining   Starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance. The Shining is a horror classic and many peoples’ favourite movie for Halloween. Here’s Jonny!  

The Exorist   This is another classic horror film which many people consider their favourite for Halloween. In the film there is a very scary child whose face would scare you alone!  

The Omen   The Omen is all about Damien and all the sixes! There has been many great versions of this story but the original from 1976 has to be the best starring the outstanding Gregory Peck.  

Omen 2   Back with Damien again! The story goes that Damian finally finds out about his destiny.  

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer   I absolutely love Ben Whishaw! In this film he played the role of Jean-Baptise Grenouille in his breakthrough role. The story goes that he is a perfumier who kills women for their scent.  

The Woman in Black   Starring Daniel Radcliffe the film goes that kids are dying in a seaside town and Radcliffe’s character is investigating it.  

The Canterville Ghost   Based on the Oscar Wilde story, The Canterville Ghost stars John Gielgud. This film had another great re-make starring Patrick Stewart and is to be remade again in 2014. Proves just how timeless the great Oscar Wilde was.  

28 Days Later   It’s one of Ireland’s finest again Cillian Murphy in the Danny Boyle-directed film where a pandemic is wiping out London.  

Jaws   To end another classic horror in the form of Jaws. The story goes that a shark is on the prowl in Amity.   Until next time enjoy! And Happy Halloween everyone. May it be a good one for you and yours! 🙂  

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