X Factor Live Shows Week 2

This week we had the second week of the live shows on X Factor and eleven became ten. The theme this week was love and heartbreak which of course is a theme with so many songs to choose from. So here’s how the acts got on.


Sam Bailey


This week after her stellar performance of The Power of Love last week, Bailey sang To Make You Feel My Love and dedicated it to her husband Craig. So sweet. Though I have to admit that I didn’t think she sang it very well.



Kingsland Road


This week they sang Marry You by Bruno Mars. I love Bruno Mars but I didn’t think they sang it well and I felt their needed to be at least one lead vocalist. Song 2 every week seems to be when the overly cheesy choregraphy comes out and I didn’t like the choregraphy but obviously that has nothing to do with the lads. I personally love Josh’s voice especially and would love to see him do a bit of lead vocals.



Nicholas MacDonald


Next was Nicholas and this week he had another effortless performance singing Robbie Williams’ She’s The One. It was flawless! And I liked the choregraphy. It reminded me of the fab choregraphy done for Ronan Keating when he done his version of She Moved Through the Fair. Huge contender to win.



Abi Alton


This week Abi sang Kylie Minogue’s I Can’t Get You Out of My Head and though I liked the choregraphy I didn’t think she sang it very well.



Shelley Smith


This week Shelley bidded to stay in the competition after been in the bottom two last week singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies. I didn’t think she sang it well. The dancers moves were sexy. Also Happy Birthday Shelley!




Miss Dynamix


Miss Dynamix were due to perform next. However Sese was taken ill and brought to hospital so they couldn’t. Gary said they heard she was alright and I was so glad to hear that because she looked so weak and unwell in the VT clip. It’s a lot of pressure I’d say for a woman who is so heavily pregnant and I wish her the best in her recovery. I’m really glad her and the baby are alright.




Sam Callahan


Sam sang I Won’t Give Up which is a song I love. I was so glad that he did so well this week and his work ethic is extremely admirable. Also loved his outfit this week. The stylish Mr. Callahan. If he keeps working hard he could be a contender to win.



Tamera Foster


Tamera’s outfit was stunning. Loved it! She sang Emile Sande and Labrinth’s Beneath Your Beautiful which is a song I love and which always reminds me of Union J because they sang it for the semi-final last year. She sang it perfectly.



Luke Friend


Luke sang Passenger’s Let Her Go. He sang it incredibly well. I didn’t get the boat either but Louis’ comeback that it was “because he was sailing through to next week” was so quick-witted and amazing.




Rough Copy


This week Rough Copy sang the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. Amazing as always. Simple as that. Love their outfits too. Definite contenders to win.




Hannah Barrett


From singing first last week to singing last this week Hannah sang Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. I can relate to her VT. I thought she sang the song beautifully. It is a really hard song to sing and not too many people sing it well outside of Christina Aguilera. The only other time I heard someone sing it well was Amber Rielly on Glee and Hannah’s version reminded me of her version which means it was amazing! Another contender to win.



Next came the flash vote. The act who finished last this week were Kingsland Road. The following night it was revealed that Shelley would be joining Kingsland Road in the sing-off this week. Sharon saved Shelley but the other judges all saved Kingsland Road so Shelley left this week. Hard luck Shelley.


Next week is movie week. I think Sam Bailey should blast out Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You from The Bodyguard. She’ll do it amazing.  

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