Kitty Brucknell’s fan Phoebe been bullied

When I was on the Twitter of the amazing Kitty Brucknell she spoke out about her fan who is been bullied. I was bullied at school myself and nobody deserves to be treated like their nothing and it broke my heart reading the tweets because I have come through the other side but there is always people going through these struggles. My heart goes out to the girl who bravely allowed Kitty to tell her Twitter account. Her name is Phoebe and she is going through this nightmare and I must commend Kitty on been there for her.

In the tweets Brucknell said that Phoebe has had e-mails threatening her life and that of her family and has also had threatening phone calls and have even went as far as to come to where she lives and beat her up. One of the vile texts which she gets on a regular basis reads as: Today I got a letter in the post saying this –> “Your life is worthless, your an unwanted piece of shit that deserves to be dead! Prepare yourself because one day we will be after you and you won’t know what’s hit you.” : ‘ (

There is bricks been thrown through her window as well. She has tried to contact the police numerous time but they won’t do anything unless something “physical” happens. On top of all this she is ill at the moment and trying to get better as well.

Please everyone if you have a voice and you can help get Phoebe’s story out there that would be amazing. Bullying is disgusting. No one should have to go through it. If you ever went through it you know what I mean. Please help in whatever way you can.


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