X Factor – My Fave 30 Acts from the 10 years!

Now last week we had the insatiable Matt Richardson. This week I’ve decided with The X Factor been ten and bootcamp going on to discuss my 30 favourite acts from the years. It was a tough decision. It really was! But I’ve come to a decision and in no particular order these acts have made the top thirty! Your Saturday night starts right here!

Union J

I am a sucker for a handsome boyband. (That doesn’t quite sound right but let’s continue!) I love the chemistry as friends these lads have together. Their just four very ordinary, witty guys. I absolutely love Jaymi’s voice. (I love a lot about Jaymi but that’s a whole other story which might be better suited to another kind of blog!) I was lucky enough to hear just how amazing his voice is live at The X Factor concert in Dublin and I can say that it is even better in reality than on TV or radio which considering how good it is on TV and radio that’s pretty amazing. They have the added bonus of having a musician in the band in the form of George. Not every boyband has a musican and George is a very good guitar player. Carry You and Beautiful Life are two very catchy tunes. Roll on the album!

Christopher Maloney

Chris has an amazing voice. Like Jaymi I heard his voice live at the tour and it’s even better in reality than on TV and radio and with how much of a powerhouse vocalist Chris is that is amazing. Outside of singing I admire Chris for the strength he showed throughout the contest. He had so much negativity thrown at him and he just bounced back all the time and showed everyone just how strong he was. His granny seemed such a great support to him and their relationship was simply beautiful. My Heart Belongs To You is a stunning song sung effortlessly well. Love it!

Diva Fever

To say I’m a fan would be an understatement! I’m a massive fan! (I’ve even watched Joe eat a worm on YouTube. You have to check it out, it’s funny.) Not long after X Factor that year, they were at Glitz @ Dandelion nightclub in Dublin but I was living a bit further from Dublin than I am now and couldn’t get up for the gig so I’ve never actually seen them live. There was samples up on YouTube of songs they recorded called Dancefloor Lover and Like Fire which sound really good and Scissor Sistersesque. Also totally hope Craig and Joe represent the UK in the Eurovision. I’ve wanted that for a few years now. It’d be so much fun.


My other wish was that Jedward would represent Ireland at Eurovision. That’s happened twice now and well done to the boys on doing us proud both times. When I think of Irish X Factor acts the first act I always think of is Jedward. The lads had so much to put up with during X Factor. They were only 17 at the time and they were been booed off stage every week and they showed so much strength in the face of adversity. My favourite song of the lads is their first Eurovision entry Lipstick. I’m so glad they did as well as they did. Goes to show when Louis Walsh has a vision he can make it a reality.

Aiden Grimshaw

In love. Aiden is really hot. But he’s also talented as well. His audition of Gold Digger by Kayne West featuring Jamie Foxx did in his own version was really fresh and his version on the first live show of Mad World was really good. On YouTube he sounds amazing on Curtain Call, The Way We Are and Is This Love.

Eton Road

Eton Road were in season three and came fifth behind eventual winner Leona Lewis. They’ve since parted ways as a band. They memorably were brought back to replace fellow boyband Avenue which Max George, now of The Wanted was in. I loved them singing Mack The Knife and Does Your Mother Know? the best. I love Liverpool and I love boybands so it was obvious that I was going to like Eton Road.

John Wilding

Though John didn’t make the live finals I thought he should have both years. Oh my god, what an outstanding voice. On YouTube he does this amazing version of his fellow Essex person Jessie J’s Mama Knows Best. I remember listening to his version over and over again. I still do sometimes. It’s really good. And who can forget his two stunning X Factor auditions singing two really hard songs to perfection. Bleedin’ Love by Leona Lewis and Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson from the musical-film Dreamgirls. Or his bootcamp performance the second year of When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland or his slowed-down beautiful version of Girls Aloud’s The Promise at Judges’ Houses that year.

Jade Richards

The eighth season of the X Factor threw up two major shocks at the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition with John Wilding and Jade Richards both going out of the competition just before the lives. Scottish singer Jade has come back for a third time to audition this year and I really hope it works out for her this time around. She is a major talent and definitely deserves to succeed. Best of luck to her. I hope she does well.

Rylan Clark

X Factor wasn’t the first time I seen Rylan and it wasn’t Signed By Katie Price. I seen that after. If I’m correct and I could be wrong Rylan was on a C4 documentary where they delved into the secrets of the beauty industry. (I was obsessed with C4 documentaries when I was younger. Eunuchs, Sex Swap Hospital, Sex Swap Soldier and The Perfect Vagina for example.) I found him interesting at the time. It was when I seen a picture in a magazine of him when he was younger that I said I know that fella’s face and then it came to me. Rylan was so entertaining on X Factor and when I seen him live on the tour he was just as entertaining. I’m glad he won Celebrity Big Brother. He deserved to. And I’m really delighted he’s doing so well as a presenter.

Leon Jackson

The only time I ever picked the winner of the show was the fourth series when Scotland’s Leon Jackson was crowned the winner. I’ve picked a few who made the top 5. Second a few times but this was the one year I picked the winner. I loved the tone to Leon’s voice from his first audition. In the first live show he wasn’t very good and I’d been telling my sister he was good so I was glad he was back to been good the week after because she would have thought I’d really lost it! Leon’s winning song was a beautiful cover of When You Believe. Sadly his career didn’t really take off after this but I personally thought he was amazing.

Ryan Davis

Welsh singer Ryan Davis was on this year’s show. He went out at bootcamp but I like him singing and he’s a really good musican. Easy on the eye to boot. I also really like his manner. He seems really nice and down-to-earth. I completely get the whole shyness and awkwardness. I’m like that myself. His version of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody was amazing. I wish him the best and I hope he does well.

Lee Lambert

Along with Ryan and Next of Kin I was for Lee in this year’s contest. His version of Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory was sung to perfection. He seems really nice too and cute. He has an amazing recording voice. I can see his voice on records in the vein of Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Scissor Sisters or Sam Sparro. I wish him the best and I hope he does well.

Next of Kin

Next of Kin are effortlessly good. You would know they were in the music business before. Their very professional and polished. The song they sang at their first audition was their own song and Louis was right it could be a hit. They also did a version of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature at their first audition and it was incredible. I wish them the best and I hope they do well.

Daniel Fox

Manchester’s Daniel Fox didn’t make it to the live shows in the sixth series. He went out at the Judges’ Houses stage. He has a really strong opera voice. On YouTube he did a fantastic medley in Coventry.

Marcus Collins

Marcus was second in the ninth season. I actually had a bet on him to win it so that kind of sucked. But my bet aside, Marcus proved on X Factor that he was not only a great singer. He was also a great dancer. Dancing and singing are really hard to do together so kudos to him for making it all look so easy and effortless. Reet Petite was amazing as was Lately but my own personal favourite performance of his from the show was Are You Gonna Go My Way. I loved his single Seven Nation Army. I loved the original and I loved what he did with the song. The video for the song was also amazing. It was really good and his performance of it on Dancing on Ice was really slick and brilliant. He was recently in Hairspray as Seaweed J. Stubbs where his dancing and singing skills came in handy. On YouTube you can see the cast on This Morning.

Rikki Loney

Scotland’s Rikki Lonley has a really unique voice. I loved his style with his hat too. He’s recently been part of Glee style band Gmania composed of former reality show singers. There’s a fantastic version of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody by him on YouTube.

Nicolo Festa

Italian Nicolo Festa is really talented. I loved him on the show in 2010 and his YouTube cover of Desperado is simply stunning.

James Michael

By now you’ve probably guessed that I like Liverpool people! I thought James was really handsome and that’s why he modelled for Mr. Porter and what lovely shots they were! James had me before he even sang when he replied that he had got his tan from sitting in his back garden. He has a lovely voice and is a fantastic musican. Love him!

Lloyld Daniels

Mr. Daniels has got so sexy since he’s got older. Oh wow! Someone get me a fan to cool down! He also did a song The Best of My Love which you can hear on YouTube that was played in Hollister which is really catchy. He was recently in the play Up4aMeet at The Courtyard Theatre with his top off looking wow, wow, wow!

Craig Colton

Craig Colton is massively talented. He has a really big voice. His versions of Jar of Hearts and Wonderwall were particular favourites of mine of his performances on X Factor. On YouTube Colour The Sky is amazing.

Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry has a really strong voice. That’s why he won both X Factor and Popstar to Operastar. At the end of X Factor in the last few shows he really came into his own and was easily the best act in the last few weeks of the competition and completely deserved to win. I love his The Climb and his albums especially Wide Awake and Here’s What I Believe. Until the Stars Run out, If Love is War, Your Voice and Love of My Life are particular faves.

Ray Quinn

I loved Ray Quinn and how he did something different for a young guy in terms of doing big band music. He dared to be himself and I respect him for that. His performance of Frank Sinatra’s My Way was outstanding. Wow. It’s such a hard song and he just blew the roof off the place. He was also amazing on Dancing on Ice and I was so happy that he won. He totally deserved to. He’s now in theatre and is so good at it.

Rachel Adedeji

Rachel Adedeji is a fantastic singer. I especially loved her versions of Proud Mary and Last Request on the show and Her YouTube videoes of Beyonce’s Love on Top, Club Lights and Last Request are amazing.

Danyl Johnson

Danyl Johnson blew the roof off the audition venue with his own version of I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends and went on to be 4th in the sixth series. On YouTube Beautiful Life and Reason at The Playhouse in London are amazing. He’s very sexy as well as talented. What a beaut!

Ben Mills

Ben Mills was third in series 3. I really liked Ben. He brought a bit of rock to the show and I love rock music as well as pop music. His stand out performances were Tracks of my Tears and Live and Let Die. His rock edge was so fresh and different on the former and in the latter he was just spellbinding. Ben is also a very talented pianist.


Birmingham’s 4sure were so slick and talented. I loved them! Their audition of End of the Road for the show was incredible. There’s a video of them on YouTube singing accapella and it is just superb. They were so cool and nice. Absolutely loved them.

4th Ba5e

My oh my! How hot were these lads?! I loved them. I thought they were really talented and nice too. Member Blair Dreelan is now the manager of Union J. Until I did the research for this article I didn’t know that. I loved 4th Ba5e at the time of that year’s X Factor and I was so sad that they didn’t get in at Judges’ Houses but I forgot their names over the years so that was a bit of information. On YouTube their is numerous vids. One is them singing on The Sharon Osbourne Show. Another is them singing Sweet Dreamz and another is an interview with the official fanclub from Germany. They also did a cover you can check out of Relight My Fire and also singing at Butlins in 2007.


I remember seeing these guys in Sneak (That shows my age doesn’t it?) when they were showing some flesh at a gig in G-A-Y. Happy days. They were so hot, talented and nice. On YouTube there is a brilliant version they did of Rod Stewart’s I Don’t Want To Talk About It, a vid of them looking sexy in the dance studio and the band doing versions of Chasing Cars and I Swear.

Johnny Robinson

Johnny made me laugh. He has such a witty personality and seemed such a lovely man. He also had a really good voice and his audition of At Last was stunning as well as his versions of I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Over The Rainbow. Johnny is also a fabulous entertainer.

Scott Bruton

I found Manchester’s Scott really talented and cute. He has starred in Dreamboats and Petticoats since X Factor. He also looks downright hot on last.fm in his profile pic where you can listen to song by him including You Won’t Catch Me Crying which he sounds amazing on.

So there you have it. The results are now in! I hope you enjoyed the article and I shall talk to you all again next week. 🙂


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