Majella O’ Donnell

My blog this week is about a very inspirational woman who done something incredibly brave on live TV on Friday night. On one of the most watched shows on Irish TV – The Late Late Show.


Majella O’ Donnell who is suffering from breast cancer took the brave step of shaving her head live on TV for the benefit of others. She did so to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. I do voluntary for one of their shops and I felt this was so compassionate of her to think of helping other people when she is going through her own struggles with cancer. She is a businesswoman and also wife of singer Daniel and she has two grown-up children Siobhan, 22 and Michael, 25 from a previous marriage. She quite rightly after the completion of her brave deed for charity and to raise awareness. O’ Donnell also received her new blonde wig on the night and after putting it on joked the audience, “Am I better bald?”


Before she shaved her head, she spoke with host Ryan Tubridy about how she was there to raise awareness about cancer. She also spoke about how Daniel was with her when she received the news she had cancer. Majella also told Tubridy that she has just began chemotherapy. She said how she couldn’t pray for herself because she thought too much but she was able to pray for other people who would be going through the same situation. She has a massive faith said she felt that the prayers people were saying for her were helping her to deal with her situation.


So far the Irish Cancer Society has raised 400000 Euros from Majella’s bravery. To help raise further funds please phone 1850 60 60 60, text “pink” to 50300 (Donates 4 Euros) or go to


Majella my prayers are with you. I salute you.





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