Poem: A Cold And Gloomy Day In October

It was like a mist was surrounding me,
A cloud of darkness around,
This was not how it was meant to be,
The sight of your coffin makes my grief compound.
You were too young to leave,
We were too young to have to grieve
The loss of one so dear
And life without you is our fear.

So full of life before
But now our hearts are in pain to the core.
The day feels so surreal,
This hurt is going to take a lot to heal.
You were the life and the soul
And now in our family is a gigantic hole.
You were always there to impart your wisdom and show your love
But now you are in heaven above.

Father, I hope you are proud wherever you are
To not let you down in any choice,
Whether you are near or far
I will be guided by your loving voice.
You always had my best interests at heart,
And now even though we are apart
I will always remember our times at number ten
Until we meet one day again.

Poem: Just By Been You

I lean over cautiously
And run my fingers through your
Messy, tousled hair.
There is such realness in your eyes,
A genuine aura that flows from your fingertips,
Leaves me breathless,
Leaves me longing.

I can’t believe you are real,
This earth doesn’t have rare angels like you,
You make me believe in humankind
Every time I look in your eyes.
You are perfection.

You make me feel like I’m not alone,
In this world of commercialism,
Of falseness and dog-eat-dog,
I wish I was more like you
And I am so happy you exist.
You make the world better
Just by been you.

X Factor 2014 Ones To Watch!

So The X Factor is into it’s live shows stage and below I have put my top five ones to watch from the acts left in the competition this year!

Andrea Faustini

Oh my god his voice is just outstanding. Though there is some very good singers in the competition this year I think with the right marketing Italy’s Andrea is the only one who could be a worldwide star. You can see it. I’m no expert. It’s just obvious. He’s amazing. Seems so lovely too and he loves pugs. What more could you want?

First Audition

Paul Akister

Paul Akister is back and is sounding amazing. He seems really nice and his personality reminds me a bit of my own. I know he’s been advised to talk more and if he feels comfortable doing that so be it but I think he’s wonderful just as he is and for me anyway is coming across very well indeed!

First Audition

Ben Haenow

Ben seems really nice and is absolutely beautiful and his girlfriend is a very lucky woman! :-) Outside of that and back to the singing he is really a really strong singer and clearly very experienced with music. You know instantly that he’s used to doing gigs. I suppose here’s where taste kind of comes into it and while if I’m been honest I think Andrea is a better singer (because let’s face it, it’s really hard to be technically better than Andrea!) I’d be more inclined to buy a record by Ben just based on the fact that I love rock more than diva style pop music and excluding his first audition which was in the soul vein Ben has since been rocking out. I love his style too.

First Audition

Only The Young

They seem nice and Mikey is gorgeous. I like that although their a pop band essentially there is an edge to them that’s bordering on pop/rock. And I love the way they incorporate old songs into the mix unlike a lot of bands do which makes them stand out. I’m an old soul so I love a lot of old music so it’s really cool and their so talented and they gel so well together as a band. Again I love their style too.

First Audition

Chloe Jasmine

Chloe Jasmine has had a lot of negative reactions but I personally think she’s great. Outside of her been posh I can relate to a lot of her personality. It isn’t easy when you’re perceived as different to always be yourself and I think it is incredibly brave of her to go on the show and do that. I think she comes across really nice and I love her style too. I think she has an incredible voice. I think it’s very distinctive although I prefer her singing classic songs than more modern tunes and I think she could have a great career with that kind of music.

First Audition

Who is your favourite act this year? Comment below with your thoughts! :-)

Poem: The Joy of Life

Standing there like a complete rock god,
All stunning with a sensual curve of your mouth,
I’m drifting into this feeling of been overcame,
Overcame by the beauty of existence.
There is something so commanding,
Something so wondrous about how gentle you are
And how commanding you can be.
Oh this is what joy in life is.

I wish you would run your fingers through my hair
Or I could run mine through yours.
Through each strand,
Soft strands
Like the rays of the sun.
I wish I could hold you,
Feel your frame in my arms.
Oh that would be what joy in life would be.

Your skin is driving me wild,
Bare skin,
I long to touch you,
You commanding specimen,
Command me.
I will obey.
I’m in no position to go against anything you say.
Not right now, not ever.

Oh you are the joy of life.

Carmel Benson: How to be a Child? at Bray’s Mermaid!

Recently artist Carmel Benson’s art exhibition entitled, “How to be a Child?” ran at The Mermaid in Bray, Wicklow from the 18th of July to the 7th of September. I was lucky enough to get to see it in it’s duration. Me and my sister went to see it.

Benson is originally from Wexford but in 1999 the artist, who graduated from University College Dublin (UCD) and later majored in painting and printmaking in Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, moved to Roundwood in Wicklow.

Benson’s latest pieces deal with a recurring theme in her work, that of childhood. This particular exhibition centres around the 1950s in Ireland when the “Catechism” was a vital book in Catholic childrens’ lives. A book that brought fear and oppression to the child if they were sensitive to it. There is also many male words in the collection which represent the inequality between men and women. In Benson’s collection these males are restraining the threatening women while Benson’s Sheela-na-Gig motif is her reaction to the world that shaped her. A world which was dominated by the Church and filled fear and remorse in its people. I love the concept of the collection but I found that the collection fell somewhere in-between. Some of I loved, like Crouching Sheelagh and my sis loved that one too, but there was others I wasn’t as crazy about.

But for it’s message and concept and in terms of pictures especially the Crouching Sheelagh it is an exhibition that needs to be seen so if you get a chance at some stage in the future somewhere else I would advise you to check it out! :-)

Spotlight On … Klara McDonnell!

I recently interviewed the very talented Klara McDonnell. Here is the interview below:

Who are your acting and musical influences and why?

I look up to Tom Waits as he is also an actor and musician. I think he has an amazing stage presence and has been brave musically throughout his career. Seeing Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” for the first time when I was 7 was also a massive influence on me!

In your acting career who was your favourite character to play and why?

I was in a Fringe production a few years ago (“Love Songs for Losers”) where I played a character called Robin. She was a bit of a pretentious hipster artist type. She was waiting all her life to become famous and was quite arrogant but I grew to love to her. There was a brilliant writer behind her, Ruth MacGowan. I usually like characters that are dark and multi-faceted.

Who inspires your fashion sense?

Growing up, probably Gwen Stefani and I still love my red lipstick! I like zaney festival fashion and I am quite addicted to face jewels at the moment. I get confused some times about what is street wear and what is stage wear but life is too short to over think that! My mother travels a bit and picks me up different little things from around the world.

You are a graduate of Ballyfermot Rock School in Dublin. What skills did you pick up while studying there?

I would probably say songwriting skills. I have been writing songs since I was 15 but only started to co-write once I went to college.

You’re currently studying at Artstrain. Tell us about that?

I’m currently studying drama facilitation. It was both a challenging and rewarding course over the last year. I covered aspects of drama facilitation such as; improvisation, process drama, devising and directing. I’m really excited about putting all my new skills to use when the course finishes.

You were the lead singer of Rock band Hypno Puppet for three years. What was that like?

I still meet up and co- write with Sean Cray, the guitarist but I had to take a step back from being in band while studying. We did a gig last week as a duo with a loop pedal and it was fun. I miss being in a full band as I love to rock out and go crazy on stage. I think our music is very different to anything that’s on the scene in Dublin at the moment.

You have appeared on shows such as Echo Island over the years. Is there any memory which sticks out for you from your appearances on TV?

Probably Fair City. I only did a week on it a few years back and it was a bit of a shock to the system. I had been used to being on independent film sets, where you can have many takes and more artistic freedom. I enjoyed doing the show but it all felt very fast.

What’s next for you in your career?

I’m on television next month in an RTE 2 documentary. I will be discussing my attitude to nudity and some past projects I worked on. I’ll be in the next issue of Stellar magazine in their “naked issue”. Sean and I plan to record and release our own album next year. In regards to acting, I never know what is coming up and where I’ll be. That is the scary and exciting thing!

If you would like to find out more about Klara McDonnell go to:




Poem: Meet You Someday

Often I feel lonesome
To find that guy who has been made for me.
I like to think it is true that there is someone,
Someone out there for us all
Who will understand us.
Completely get us.
Who will be
The one for me.

I often wonder where he is,
What he works at,
Whether he’s unemployed like me.
More importantly what he’s like,
Is he gentle? Kind?
Is he a rocker or urban?
Who will be
The one for me.

Life is difficult sometime boy,
I know that.
Just keep your head high,
And get yourself to me.
Some day I’ll meet you
And I promise to do everything to look after you but till then I wonder
Who will be
The one for me.