Poem: Alive

My baby had an adventurous way,
It infected me each day.
He made me fully alive like never before
Hitting my heart to the core.
A sweet melody to his words,
I linger on them endlessly,
I would hang on each thing he would say
No matter how mundane they would be.

He reminded me of my father in manner,
In his gentle, kindness and his way of been fair.
In his non-judgmental streak
Making me feel weak
To his genuine charms,
Oh I wish he would take me in his arms.
Keep me from all the world’s arm
In the safety of his loving, strong arms.

I can’t believe that such a wonderful specimen exists,
Strength and gentleness in your wrists,
Strength to help,
Gentleness to care,
He was once my world; my universe.
Drifting me through the wonders of love,
Learning me what love is
And making me feel joyous and full of fizz.

Cork Win The All-Ireland Senior Camogie Final!

Cork have won the All-Ireland senior camogie final!

The team bet Kilkenny by 2-12 to 1-9 after a nail-biting finish and a late goal. Cork captain Anna Geary, who recently represented Cork brilliantly at The Rose of Tralee, lifted the O’Duffy Cup following their win which included goals by Jennifer O’Leary and Angela Walsh.

O’Leary said,

“I don’t know if the occasion got to us or our heads were in our boots but we just said at half time that we’d worked too hard and we weren’t going to let it behind us. It was just a puck of the ball between us and thankfully we came out on the right side of it. We have waited a long time for this.”

Well done Cork! :-) Hard luck Kilkenny.

Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiled In Camden, London

The statue of singer Amy Winehouse has been unveiled in Camden in tribute to the late singer.

The statue is bronze and includes Winehouse’s trademark beehive hairstyle, a star of David necklace and a red rose in her hair. The star, who died of alcohol poisoning at the very young age of 27 , was honoured with the statue been placed in Stables Market on Sunday which would have been her 31st birthday. Many fans turned out to see the statue been unveiled of their idol by sculptor Scott Eaton who gave huge applause as the statue was unveiled.

Her father Mitch placed a kiss on the cheek of his daughter’s statue and said,

“It’s a day of incredibly mixed emotions. They don’t put statues up for people who are with us anymore so it reinforces the fact that physically she’s gone but spiritually she’ll never leave us. I feel sad, very, very sad. We shouldn’t be here but we are, this is the reality and we’ve just got to make the most of it. So this statue is part of making the most of it. Getting people to come here, spend some time with Amy and put a flower in her hair and remember her in a very positive way. That for me is wonderful. I’ll be coming to visit it all the time. It was difficult to see the sculpture at first but I’m getting used to it. It looks just beautiful.”

Her mum Janis was of course also there and said,

“It’s just a wow, a definite wow,” she said. “I am pleased with how the statue turned out because you can see that it’s Amy. It is soon but it was beyond our control – events overtook events but we’re very proud of it. Camden is Amy’s place, it’s where she belongs.”

Eaton said he wished for the statue to be “reflective and contemplative”.

While actress Barbara Windsor, a friend of Winehouse’s and a patron of the foundation set up in Winehouse’s name, said it was a great honour to unveil the statue.

Windsor said,

“I’ve been in this business for 66 years now and I’ve had many honours throughout my career, but this is the greatest honour,” said Windsor. “I was one of the fortunate people who got to know Amy in the last few years of her too short life. Not only was she one of the greatest talents that this country has ever produced, she was a warm, lovely kind and fun lady. She was what we call in our business a superb bird, that’s what she was. Amy loved Camden with a passion and Camden loved her so it’s only right her presence should remain here.”

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.

Poem: R.I.P. Dad

The day still lingers in my mind,
the day that someone left us who was gentle and kind,
Flashes of these painful memories evaporate in my brain
Of the day when I knew things would never be the same.
My sister running for a doctor,
My mother screaming,
Our family chain about to be tore,
From now on we’d all have a broken wing.
Love is a powerful thing.

Our neighbor trying to help the best she could do,
Everything seeming surreal but true,
Leaving our little tight-knit crew,
Very quickly you were drifting away,
And nothing anyone could do or say
Would change the sad fact that this was to be your last day.
The doctor arrives and says you are gone.
Now the world just feels so cruel and wrong.
You can’t be gone; you have been with us so long.

I walk into my parents’ room in pain and shock,
Your aroma fills my nostrils instantly,
You were my rock.
I place your cardigan up to my nose
And breathe the musky, heaviness of your scent in.
Losing family,
Losing kin.
Losing my dad,
The best dad anyone could have ever had.

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you so much to Justina Luther for nominating for this award. It is very much appreciated and nice when someone likes what you do and takes the time to nominate your blog. Thank you! :-) You can view Justina’s blog here:


Here’s the rules for this award:

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. You must list the rules and display the award.

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Facts About Me

1. I was born on the 22nd of April 1990.

2. When I was 6 I was on an Irish TV channel called TG4 singing Silent Night with half my class.

3. I was in a lot of choirs in school and the folk choir in my community. One of the choirs I was in when I was younger was part of the Hallelujah Christmas Concert in The Point, now the O2 but soon to be called something else.

4. I was second in a competition writing on the theme of anti-bullying.

5. I am a self-confessed nerd.

6. I used to be a fashion student.

7. I do voluntary for The Irish Cancer Society Shop locally.

I now nominate:

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I know not everyone will want to accept the nominations and that’s fine but I’m nominating blogs I like anyway and there’s hard feelings either way. :-) Also the internet is abound with great blogs. There was so many more amazing blogs that if I ever get a chance to nominate again I will. :-)

My Short Story The Marriage Proposal On Romance Flash!

My short story The Marriage Proposal was recently published on the website Romance Flash. I was dead chuffed of course. You get so many rejections as a writer that it is always nice when someone says yes to your story! :-)

It is about my two main characters couple Clay and Glen and told from Clay’s perspective. I love them both but there usually is a character that you like best in each of your stories and for me that would be Glen in this story. I can relate a lot more to him but I love them both! I loved writing these two lads and their amazing love and chemistry and once I created the two characters it kind of flowed for me which is always a nice thing to happen as a writer as opposed to that dreaded writer’s block one gets. :-)

Please check it out everyone if you like and you have time feel free to rate it and/or comment on the story. There is so many spam comments on it that obviously as a writer you hate to see under your story so any genuine feedback would be welcomed and appreciated. :-)

The Marriage Proposal Link


Graham Jones’ Davin Brings Suicide To The Fore For World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and a very important film called Davin was released in advance of today. Directed by Irish director Graham Jones, the film is about the death by suicide of an Irishman Davin and how his loved ones deal with his death by suicide.

Jones says:

“It’s a great idea to have a specific date every year when the issue of suicide is highlighted. However, sometimes it feels as if the day just comes and goes without enough attention from those of us outside the support services. This small indie movie is a humble attempt as filmmakers, actors and musicians to send a message to anyone who may be at risk of entering this emotional space. You are not alone.”

I am very proud that an Irish director has created a film with such depth and meaning. It is very important that suicide and depression are spoken about in a world where these parts of life are still seen as a stigma by many people leaving a lot of people feeling isolated and alone.

It is an incredibly thought-provoking script and each of the cast are wonderful in it. It is a realistic script and a very brave film to make and the dialogue is very moving. The way that the film is told from the characters’ perspectives drives the emotive and powerful force of the script and helps to hammer it’s vital message home. It adds a human face to suicide and depression which is very important.

You can view the film here: